Road Fund Disk-some one else making the claim

  jack 20:31 20 Apr 2007

I pose this as a conversational piece rather Consumerwatch fodder,

Earlier this year mt daughter had her car stolen.
The Insurance co. paid our rather promptly, so with mum and dads help she got herself another car.
Late the police contacted her and said the car had been recovered [complete with an occupant it seems] an was available at such and such pound.
As she had the money and had forwarded the docs to the ins co - she contacted them the info and left it it at.
Except she made application for a refund of unused Road Fund Tax
This week she had a letter from the DVLA saying that another party was also claiming a refund.

So who is making the claim
This the DVLA did not say
It could be the ins co having recovered the car
in which case have a right to it?
Or it could be the thief or another party who has acquired the disk.
Questions are - Is the Ins Co entitled to make this claim- is the RFT part of the cover?
if it is not the Ins Co then the DVLA should inform the the police- presumably some information exists that the vehicle has been subject to theft and Insurance claim.

Any thoughts anyone.-

  Spark6 21:03 20 Apr 2007

As the insurance company had met her claim for the loss of the car, and contents I presume, then they are, surely, entitled to the refund!

  Forum Editor 00:00 21 Apr 2007

and if the tax disc was on it when it was recovered that belongs to them as well. Your daughter was entitled to claim a refund whilst the vehicle remained stolen, provided she quoted the police crime reference number. Once the car was recovered however, it legally passed into the insurance company's ownership, and they would be entitled to make a refund claim.

  bremner 07:54 21 Apr 2007

I would have thought that once the insurance company paid your daughter then the car became their property even whilst it was stolen.

It is unclear from your post whether your daughter claimed the RFL refund before or after the insurance company paid out. If it was after then I think she was on sticky ground.

  jack 08:37 21 Apr 2007

Thank you all for that
I shall pass that info on.

Meanwhile one of the responses was from P.3 who gave a link- albeit garbled
This came up with the Dell ad misbehaving.
I now see P.3's response is no longer listed and Dell is where it should be.

If P'3.s response is a valid one - could it please be repeated.
Thank you all

  p;3 08:44 21 Apr 2007

I have no idea why my link seems to have vanished as it is to the DVLA and has some very useful links in it; hopefully the link will now work properly

itclick here

  p;3 08:46 21 Apr 2007

I have now checked that link and it goes to where it should go to ; I hope it may help now or in the future for you?

  jack 09:02 21 Apr 2007

Thank you P;3 for the response
Have it now.
Up early to-day?
I am having my usual early bash whilst herself clears the decks
Then I'm off to paint the dining room
Oh what it is to be retired and nothing to do ;-)

  Forum Editor 09:07 21 Apr 2007

Your link vanished because it was extremely long, and it upset the page formatting.

  p;3 09:22 21 Apr 2007

my original link did not 'appear 'as I had intended it to;sorry if it gave the formating a headache::((

  pj123 16:30 21 Apr 2007

May I respectfully add that it isn't a "Road Fund Disk" any more. It is VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) which means it isn't ringfenced for roads. The Government can use it for whatever they like.

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