Road Charging

  driving man 11:26 12 Feb 2007

I live in the W Midlands conurbation which is suggested as a test area for road charging. (that is charging £1.34 per mile - proposed charge - 0n top of road fund licence, petrol tax and all other on going costs.
I live 20 miles away from work and as it is specialised cannot apply for a nearer job.
If it goes ahead it will cost me £1.34 x 40 miles = £53.60 a day x five days per week = £268.00 after paying tax at 40%.
This cost will have to be passed on to the customer ----- YOU
Also consider distribution transports costs ---who pays ---YOU
I forecast massive claims for more pay and rampaging inflation --- Do I care?
Yes I bl***y well do.
OK I've had my rant. 'Nuff said
PS to those who have not done so please sign the protest onthe governments web page

  Kate B 11:56 12 Feb 2007

How many times have we done road charging recently?

  dms05 12:21 12 Feb 2007

I don't have a fundamental objection to charging the people who use the roads most at the busiest times. Why should an OAP living in a rural area subsidise an affluent wage earner in a city? Basic economics - almost all services cost more at the busiest time. Roads are extremely expensive to build and repair so let the user pay for their specific utilisation.

Having said that I'm not agreeing with the specific charges proposed for the trial. However I do support charging - we should view all roads as toll roads and be prepared to pay for how we specifically use them. After all you don't have a standard charge for petrol and just draw it from a pump for free.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:23 12 Feb 2007

It would be much easier to raise the tax on petrol, no need to have boxes in cars and no need to have a company, charging a fortune, to run the scheme or am I missing something really obvious?


  driving man 12:31 12 Feb 2007

Gandalf am with you all the way there
Kate B--- what I wrote was in response to proposed charge which was in the papers today. As far as I know the amount has not been made clear before
Yours-- with a smile

  Ho-Lin-Sok 12:35 12 Feb 2007

Over 1 million people have signed the petition, and the Government response: COBBLERS.
So much for the "listning party".

  Kate B 13:00 12 Feb 2007

1m people have signed. Which means about 14m people have not.

  lixdexik 13:32 12 Feb 2007

GANDALF,GANDALF, Dear, dear, dear, you can't think like that, {:-))

Obvious, cheep, simple, flawless and fairest. These are not words that politicians are able to understand. Why do the Obvious, cheep, simple, flawless and fairest thing, when you can waste billions of pounds on technology, that will fail, can be doctored and will provide a lucrative black market for blackbox jamming gismos.

As for inflation in the shops..Road haulers and essential services would get discounted fuel at the pumps, so no reclaiming tax required. No excuse for higher prices in the shops.

Unfortunately the Obvious, cheep, simple, flawless and fairest way would also penalise the wealthy and not provide jobs for the crooks in this world. that would never do. So no chance of that ever happening.


  Bingalau 14:05 12 Feb 2007

KateB. Maybe the other 14 million don't know anything about it yet, if the petition were to appear on the front page of the popular newspapers it would be a different story. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have a referendum on the subject? ..Bingalau..

  egapup 14:35 12 Feb 2007

Oh why dont they give it a rest, we need our cars, we need delivery vehicles, we're totally dependant on them and they cost a small fortune to run now, think of something else, leave us drivers alone!!!

  spuds 17:20 12 Feb 2007

It was only very recently that the Transport Secretary Douglas Alexanda stated the he won't be deterred from any road pricing even though over a million people have now signed an online petition against it. Make of that what you will, but it sounds to me that the Transport Secretary mind is already made up.Petition or no petition.

A good manner people have suggested on many occasions about increasing revenue on fuel charges, so the long distance user pays the most. I think that you may find, that road haulage services,company reps, all the emergency services and similar people have already objected against this idea, and already have representation in parliament on this subject matter.

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