rival to Google .......... Hah

  Seth Haniel 08:37 29 Jul 2008

Due to overwhelming interest, our Cuil servers are running a bit hot right now. ... The search engine is momentarily unavailable as we add more.....

Good start ;)

  €dstowe 08:40 29 Jul 2008

I tried it earlier with a two word search string, a bit obscure but Google comes up with several pages. This thing ignored the first word and gave 12 hits with the second - none having anything to do with what I wanted.

I don't think I'll be going back in the near future.

  interzone55 08:55 29 Jul 2008

There's a few search sites appear with a whole new search algorithm.

They burn brightly, with lots of promotional activity, then disappear into web history when the VC funding runs out...

  Legolas 12:19 29 Jul 2008

I tried cuil yesterday on a few searches, not really impressed although it is early days but first impressions do count. The same searches in google gave much more relevant returns.

  Si_L 12:30 29 Jul 2008

Remember that Google has had over a decade to get its search engine to what it is now. Cuil is brand new, it does look promising but your right, Google does give better results.

  €dstowe 13:37 29 Jul 2008

I remember using Google when, if you mentioned the word in public, they thought you were ga-ga (or goo-goo). Nowadays, just about everyone who has a computer not only knows about Google but uses it as well.

Cuil will have to improve immensely before it could have any hope of acceptance.

Some of my staff have been trying it out this morning. All have come back with a similar opinion to mine

  Seth Haniel 14:31 29 Jul 2008

all down to tastes - I am not a Google fan prefering Yahoo search for my needs.

on works PC (ooops) Yahoo and Google are free to access though Cuil :
The Websense category "Uncategorized" is filtered.
so cannot be accessed. Not a great loss i'm sure ;)

  Chegs ®™ 17:33 29 Jul 2008

I have tried a few newcomers over the years,all werent a patch on google.More recent searches on google are frustrating as there are so many "top" ranking results returned that arent freeware,and for that reason I use google to search for other search engines.

  laurie53 20:26 29 Jul 2008

I was introduced to Google very early in its life, having previously used things like Alta Vista, Dogpile and some others I can't remember.

Like most people at the time, I regarded it as quite normal to use at least two search engines for every search.

The first time I used Google it came up with the goods, and it always has done so ever since.

I've tried various newcomers, but unless they can hit, quickly, first time, on a one or two word search, they simply don't cut my mustard.

  Forum Editor 22:46 29 Jul 2008

and there's a deal of refining to do, but my first impression of Cuil click here is a favourable one.

It's a little pointless making comparisons between Google and Cuil at this point, and I'm faintly surprised to see people doing it. Anybody who looks to take on the giant of the search engine business gets a nod of admiration from me, and I wish Cuil all the best - more competition can only benefit all of us in the end, if only because it keeps the big guns on their toes.

I predict a bit of a bumpy ride for Cuil, but if the first attempt is anything to go by, and they don't run out of money these people may well end up with a success on their hands

Although their search results still have a lot of catching up to do, I quite like the way the results are returned - much better than the list of text that all other search engines produce and I like how you can browse various categories of the search results.

I quite like the GUI that you are presented with on the homepage too - simple and clear. One of the reasons that Google became so successful in my opinion.

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