Riot Sentencing Too Harsh?

  Quickbeam 07:28 17 Aug 2011

Well, not in my opinion it isn't!

The whole point of a custodial sentence is to deter the crime,yet once again the liberal elite are bleating like naive nurse maids that had the same crime been committed the day before, they wouldn't have attracted anything like the same degree of justice. Well that's also easily cured, quadruple the prison spaces and hang 'em all.

Yes it's a rant, but c'mon, these sentences are exactly what's needed for rioting to be seen to be uncool by the sort of urchins that tweeted to each other that it was the best day of their lives...

Hard labour for 'em all...

  Crosstrainer2 07:47 17 Aug 2011

I agree, but I'm afraid the real acid test will come when these cases go to appeal (and they will) lets see if the Crown Court judges have the sense to perhaps even INCREASE the sentences to deter would be appeals.

  wiz-king 08:19 17 Aug 2011

Perhaps they should remember what happened to Guido Fawkes when he plotted to overthrow the law of the land.

  morddwyd 08:23 17 Aug 2011

As has been said, the real acid test will come on appeal.

Once all the outcry has died down and the nightly repeat of old news stock has disappeared from our screens, I'll lay odds that nearly every sentence will be reduced, and most custodial sentences replaced.

  Al94 08:41 17 Aug 2011

Idiots like this should be retired from their jobs Attitudes like this is why society is in the state it's in.

  gengiscant 08:56 17 Aug 2011

Lets hang draw and quarter the rioters for their actions,lets stop their benefit,hound them with a zero tolerance policy, no mention of all the middle class participants who doubtfully claim benefit. Anyway for them it was nothing more than youthful high spirits no doubt.

Quoting from a letter in the times:"I was surprised anyway by the self-serving and opportunistic actions of looters, especially after they have been set such fine examples of behaviour by bankers, peers,members of parliament,senior policemen and the like."

I thought our prisons were at breaking point so if the courts are going to send these people inside, rightfully so if the offence genuinely warrants it, but I assume that to make space we will need to chuck out a load of other unsavoury people, people who,say throw foam pies and the like.

  onthelimit1 09:05 17 Aug 2011

Reminds me (a bit) of life in an Officers Mess years ago. The place would regularly get trashed after Friday happy hour. The difference is that we were expected to front-up the next Monday morning, chequebook in hand, to pay for the damage (and we did!).

  sunnystaines 09:08 17 Aug 2011

for once a court deals out a decent sentence and all the dribble are out complaining they cannot see the potential of what these two did could have caused untold damage and misery to many people and property like in croydon and elsewhere.

how on earth are we going to stop crime with this lot complaining. for years we have had to put up with soft courts now they wake up all the social/liberal lot are out. perhaps if their home had been looted or their jobs lost due to the store being burnt down they would perhaps wake up.

  Bingalau 09:54 17 Aug 2011

Is it true that you can still be hanged for treason? If so then make rioting a treasonable offence. The thought of that might make some prospective rioter think twice. Surely plotting to cause a riot is a treasonable offence too.

As you can guess I am all for bringing back the cane in schools; bringing back the birch; confiscating all offenders belongings including their accommodation. Stick them all together on a remote island somewhere and make them live on their wits. They would then become an extinct tribe as they don't have wits.

That's my rant for the day over... Please notice I stopped short of the hanging etc. option.

  daz60 10:45 17 Aug 2011

Hanging for treasonable offences abolished in 1998.

Bringing back the birch..liberal elite would be crying over their muesli at such "cruel and unusual" punishment.

fourm member 7.58am analogy sums up what i feel.

The Libertarians/Human Rights people have been silenced so far but now that sentencing has ensued they will rally and claim all manner of excuses not to be punitive.

I hope disproportionate sentences for the guilty will/should act if not as a deterrent then a warning that the days of 'soft' justice are over.

As for taking their belongings..yes..phones,computers,mp3's,records,cars and bikes, let them know what it feels like to be robbed of their possessions and auction them off with proceeds going into a compensation fund for victims of such acts.

  Aitchbee 12:03 17 Aug 2011

I would punish ten of the offenders by asking them nicely to tidy up my house...under my supervision, of that allowed?

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