Richard's crash to be shown on 'Top Gear'

  hijo 00:42 06 Jan 2007

Is this a good thing ...? although a lot of people will be so keen to see it iam not sure if its like a "Status" thing with them...?
next it would be Steve Irwins video....

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  robgf 02:06 06 Jan 2007

Not really surprising, considering the type of audience Top Gear aims for.
I am always amazed that they get away with not being prosecuted for the appalling driving behaviour they show on that program.
I blame that prize prat Clarkson for destroying a previously good program.

Rob. :)

  hijo 02:55 06 Jan 2007

when i lived abroad i did some searchin & got Clarksons email of which i emailed was a very nice email & guess what...I GOT NO REPLY..big lanky
& it was his email...

  STREETWORK 06:31 06 Jan 2007

Another example of the media cashing in on others miss-fortune

Its things like this that make the TV licence worth paying for....I think not!!!

  Forum Editor 07:17 06 Jan 2007

receives the odd hundred thousand emails a week, and as he has a few other things to do I doubt that he sits there, amnswering every one of them.

As for "that prat Clarkson ...destroying a previously good program (sic)" well, everyone's entitled to his/her opinion. The fact is that when Clarkson left the programme in 1999 the viewing audience fell from six million to three million, and the BBC took it off the air in 2001.

The screening of the recording of Richard Hammond's accident is obviously something he (the 'other' who had the misfortune) has instigated. It will be the subject of a special programme, to be screened ahead of the start of the new series. I imagine it will attract a huge audience, and although I'm not that interested in seeing it I can't see why it shouldn't go to air, provided it's after the watershed.

Finally, you can't be prosecuted for showing bad driving behaviour on a TV programme - what an odd idea.

  wee eddie 08:40 06 Jan 2007

So much TV is sanitised and danger given a vanilla rating.

Of course it will be fascinating/exciting to watch, but for many it will drive home the possibility that there are some very high risks involved.

Maybe a few will take fewer risks themselves after seeing how easy it is to crash under controlled conditions, and therefor be made aware of the possibility of injury on the open road.

  lisa02 09:52 06 Jan 2007

I think it's a good idea.

Considering the what the show is et al, me thinks it would have been a different matter if he'd died. I think they'll just take the mickey out of the Hamster on this one ;)

  Chegs ®™ 09:57 06 Jan 2007

Erm,sorry but I dont have a jet-powered car so cant discover any of the risks.

Since I received a speeding ticket 8 or more years ago I have ensured I dont get another by the simple system of obeying the limits.

Crashes often occur under "controlled conditions" Unfortunately these crashes are sometimes fatal which a quick hunt through all forms of motorsports archives will show.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:04 06 Jan 2007

I also think it is a good idea, he survived and it makes a good story. Top Gear was one of the dullest programmes known to mankind (and now for the road test of the new wizzy Nissan Micra, the car that will replace your life) until Clarkson et al brought new life into the many car shows drive a 4WD up a mountain or race a downhill runner?

The old Top Gear was for the dog by side, pipe in mouth, wind up the clock before bed, fish dinner on Fridays, tap the barometer incessantly, favourite armchair, go to Sainsburys' at 1400hrs every Saturday person............ Luckily these people are now catered for by Heartbeat:-)))).


  Bingalau 10:09 06 Jan 2007

Gandalf. You've got me off to a "T" ..Bingalau..

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:34 06 Jan 2007

summed up my view pretty well there.

If you want the boring version, go to Channel Five. I tried watching it a few weeks ago, I won't bother again. It appeared to be presented from a greasy spoon transport café and, well that was the best part. Looks like they have gone way too far with the budget cuts. I'll stick with the tyre smoking Clarkson version, that is at least entertaining.

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