Richard Briers has died

  Al94 13:33 18 Feb 2013
  Forum Editor 14:46 18 Feb 2013


"I suppose all you can say is he had a good life."

Well, you might also say that he was awarded the OBE and the CBE for his work, and that he had a very successful comedy career spanning half a century.

Apart from 'The good life' he starred in a range of hit TV series, including 'Marriage Lines','Ever decreasing circles', and 'Monarch of the Glen'.

He was a member of Kenneth Branagh's Renaissance Theatre Company, and played many Shakespearean roles. He was also in three of Branagh's films. he was the voice of 'Fiver' the rabbit in the film 'Watership Down', did various voice overs for commercials, and was the Narrator for the childrens TV series of the Noddy stories.

In the end emphysema got him - he reckoned he had smoked over half a million cigarettes by the time he stopped, in 2003.

  Quickbeam 15:39 18 Feb 2013

But for all that, he was best remembered for his naration in Roobarb and Custard.

  Aitchbee 18:07 18 Feb 2013

The sponsored ad "Find Richard Briers Dead" below this thread, is somewhat distasteful.

RIP Richard.

  woodchip 18:17 18 Feb 2013

I liked to watch the Good Life, it sounds like it was Emphysema through smoking all is life that killed him

  Forum Editor 18:29 18 Feb 2013


"The sponsored ad "Find Richard Briers Dead" below this thread, is somewhat distasteful."

I don't know which ad you saw, but it will have linked to this news story - what's distasteful about that?

  Al94 18:37 18 Feb 2013

This is what's distasteful

Richard Briers Dead? Search 25,000+ Shops on SupaPrice™: Find Richard Briers Dead Now!

link takes you here

  Forum Editor 18:53 18 Feb 2013


Thank you. I haven't seen the ad, but you and Aitchbee are right - it's in bad taste. I'll get it stopped asap.

  Matt Egan 19:25 18 Feb 2013

Those ads

Are contextual Google ads, over which we have no control. All we can do is ask that Google excludes the advertisers - in this case and supaprice - from advertising on our site. We will of course do that, but they might not disappear for a day or so.

Why such services would want to advertise in such a tasteless way is beyond me. It's pathetic.

  Quickbeam 20:19 18 Feb 2013

The speed at which this complaint has been dealt with with is a credit to the memory of Briars' Martin character.

  Matt Egan 08:56 19 Feb 2013

Ha! I was always on the side of the Peter Egan character, for obvious reasons.

Richard Briers was Terry-Thomas' cousin, you know. And one of the few people to remain a constant friend and support throughout his cousin's late-life illness and poverty. It doesn't change the fact that he was a fine serious and straight actor, but it is nice to know that he was a good egg, too.

A national treasure, cherished and missed.

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