Richard Branson and West coast rail

  carver 17:37 26 Aug 2012

I have to admire the man, he isn't afraid to put his money where his mouth is and I just hope he gets what he wants enter link description here because if First do get the contract then they either have to put fares up or lay people off and the only ones to lose out are the public who get the brown end of the stick again.

  Bing.alau 17:44 26 Aug 2012

I think that the customers who have been using Branson's trains are quite happy with them. So that is why they have re-acted by trying to get the powers that be to change their minds. Why change something that isn't broken?

  morddwyd 19:12 26 Aug 2012

When will he learn?

He is not part of the Establishment, and they don't like him.

Politicians don't like people who don't make a profit, because they can't tax them.

Remember he offered to run the National Lottery for nothing, and they turned him down and awarded it to Camelot.

This meant that in the fullness of time they could raid it for their own "good causes".

Would have been a lot more difficult if all that was being taken just from lucky prizewinners!

  carver 20:14 26 Aug 2012

morddwyd I hope he never learns, he's got more brains and sense than a lot of the people who are supposed to be running this country.

  interzone55 20:57 26 Aug 2012

When he last bid for the lottery I was working at a large North West based computer manufacturer, and Richard Branson toured the plant as we were tendering the terminals.

He noticed that all the staff had passes to let us into every room (this was new then, and the norm now).

Branson asked the MD why we all had passes for every room, did he not trust the staff. The MD said something along the lines of you can't trust everyone, so Branson replied "If you don't trust your staff, I'm not sure I trust your company", then he turned on his heels and departed.

I like a man with principles, we'd offered to build the terminals at 80% of the cost of the next nearest bidder but lost out on any possible job because he decided he didn't like the company.

In the end it was moot, because he didn't win the lottery contract.

  Strawballs 23:56 26 Aug 2012

He probably refused to offer future board places for the ministers in charge of the decision.

  wiz-king 06:44 27 Aug 2012

Judging by the previous efforts of both companies I think I would prefer Virgins bid.

  carver 10:48 27 Aug 2012

When you think about it it's a bit like having quotes for a building job at your house and taking the lowest quote even though it's thousands less than any others, then wondering why the firm can't finish the job.

But I suppose all this government want is the most money and as long as every thing remains OK till after the next election they aren't bothered about the peasants who use the railways.

  spuds 12:36 28 Aug 2012

Possibly off subject slightly, but I can never understand how a train company can get fined for under performance, and at the same time claim subsidies to maintain a service.

The other month there was a documentary on television, when it was stated that there are less regulations for transporting human passenger's that those for transporting animals, in regards to allowed spacing. Yet at the same time, prices are being constantly increased, and passenger comfort appears to be on the decrease, especially at peak or near peak times.

Years ago, I use to enjoy train travel, but since privatisation I haven't travelled on a UK train, and I don't think that its likely that I will?.

  oresome 15:02 28 Aug 2012

I think we have to give the Dept of Transport some credit. They're not a bunch of idiots who've never done this type of contract award before.

They either think FirstGroups figures stack up or that they have the financial clout to stand the losses incurred. If FirstGroup let the government down they may be prevented from tendering for future contracts, so it's not something that's easy to walk away from mid contract.

  morddwyd 09:14 29 Aug 2012

"I think we have to give the Dept of Transport some credit. They're not a bunch of idiots"

Ho Ho Ho!

How droll!

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