RGTM has done it.

  rickf 21:28 20 Dec 2009

Great news for real music at last. Some would strongly disagree. Good that we got away from all that syrupy stuff for a change.

  rickf 21:29 20 Dec 2009

IT's official. NO.1 in the charts beating SC's publicity machine. Power to the people.

  Input Overload 21:39 20 Dec 2009

What a load of cobblers.

  anskyber 21:46 20 Dec 2009

Funnily enough, the very fact there has been a campaign to beat the SC normal no 1 has err...... given him even more publicity.

  rickf 22:08 20 Dec 2009

We are all entitled to our opinions but I certainly won't say yours are cobblers

  peter99co 22:17 20 Dec 2009

Real Music???

  rickf 23:06 20 Dec 2009

sure it is???

  Forum Editor 23:13 20 Dec 2009

is a subjective judgment, so let's not have any musical snobbery.

The fact that Rage Against The Machine has done so well is as much to do with a concerted Facebook campaign as anything else - the track wouldn't have done nearly as well otherwise.

'Power to the people' wasn't as important as spite in this tawdry affair. Nobody should feel smug about something like this, it's tacky in the extreme.

  Joseph Kerr 23:38 20 Dec 2009

X Factor and anything it produces is tacky too. And if people want to feel a little seasonal spite toward cowel et al (who have no ones long term success in mind but their own), they should be allowed to; there are worse ways it could have been expressed too.

Musical snobbery, by the way, is entirely what the campaign was based on.

It wouldnt have done so well without the facebook campaign? Well, no, it wouldnt; it wasnt even re-released as a single.

Mind, i can see the rule that a song doesnt have to be released as an official single changing...

  ened 06:52 21 Dec 2009

The irony here is that Cowell has made even more money out of this campaign.

There is only one 'loser' and that is Joe. He is the first winning contestant not to have a Christmas No. 1.

RATM are hardly in the class of the true greats and as well as the Facebook campaign they were offering downloads for 14 pence.

I haven't cared about the charts for years and normally couldn't tell you what was number one but I do think it is a shame for the boy!

  Input Overload 08:45 21 Dec 2009

rickf, It wasn't meant to be taken seriously, sorry if I caused offence.

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