Rewards for failure "Speaker" gets £1.4 M pension

  hssutton 12:21 20 May 2009

The first "Speaker" to resign (get sacked) in modern times is expected to be given a peerage plus a £1.4 million pension.

Should we pay for failure this way? I consider it to be a total disgrace that our money is thrown around like this.

It is today stated in the Daily Mail that certain Peers Conservative/Liberals are also objecting.

I'm sure the old way was best 'off with their heads' :)

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  anchor 13:25 20 May 2009

I completely agree. He is going because he is being forced to; a vote of no confidence was in prospect.

It is a disgrace that taxpayers are having to finance this unbelievably high pension, plus a job for life in the House of Lords. It`s a shame he was not dismissed; perhaps then then common sense would have prevailed.

  donki 14:14 20 May 2009

Seems a farce to me, our culture is sooooo messed up. Some people in some jobs seem to live by different rules, the main one being that they seem to prosper even if they end up doing an absolute shambles of a job.

  egapup 15:30 20 May 2009

Do you think the rest of the world laughs at us??

  sunnystaines 16:28 20 May 2009

well certainly Bankers, MP's, asylum seekers, and criminals getting pathetic sentences or let out too early are laughing at us

  Kaacee 17:26 20 May 2009

Absolute disgrace but should we be surprised at the antics of these so called "honourable " people. They treat the taxpayer with utter contempt.

  DANZIG 17:43 20 May 2009

Everything about this situation just gets me so angry!! This golden goodbye comes as no real surprise in this current situation presided over by this pathetic 'government'.

Maybe other countries do laugh at us, and sometimes I think I need to get out!

However there are damn sight worse countries out there than here, where a forum like this would be shut down and its contributers shot down!

  AL47 22:44 20 May 2009

we get rid of one speaker, end up paying 2!

yeah, this is a good result for the tax payer..

its times like this you get almost tempted to vote bnp to give the others a scare! [wont go to that tho]

  AL47 22:44 20 May 2009

i always want to get out!

im a british working taxpayer.. get me out of here!

  Kevscar1 07:54 21 May 2009


We are a rare and dying breed. Should be on the endangered species list

  Bingalau 08:06 21 May 2009

Can't their ill gotten gains (i.e. houses paid for by us), be confiscated by the police as they do with drug dealers etc.

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