The return of WhiteTruckMan

  WhiteTruckMan 17:48 24 Aug 2007

Hi all, yes I'm back!

FInally got back from my short break and I thought I would post a very brief account with some piccies for people to make rude comments about. Went to a park up the NE for a last minute cheap break. This was the sight that greeted me on Monday evening.

click here

It was nice being by the sea, but unfortunately most of the time it was a bit too rough for flinging onself in.

click here

click here

Fortunately I had a standby plan for inclement weather, and tuesday we went indoor shopping

click here

I have another picture on the way out with my credit cards steaming, but unfortunately the lens steamed up! However, on the way back the locals were lucky enough to be treated to the rare sight of WhiteTruckMan of the north (dont try this at home, please!)

click here

Wednesday morning saw us in hartlepool looking at the ships

click here

While the afternoon brightened a bit

click here

So we went beachcombing.

click here

We decided to collect broken glass. A bit strange at first sound, but glass that has been smoothed by water and tide looks really good, plus it kept the kids busy!. This doesnt really do justice to what we found

click here

But it was while we were on the beach that I stumbled across a rare sign of intelligent life

click here

Thursday saw us travel up teeside to a roman fort. I must say that parts of it have survived remarkably well, but beware the barbarians at the gate!

click here

Friday saw us up early, a hearty breakfast, cleaned up and a leasurely drive home.

Hope you enjoyed, and thanks to everyone who helped with suggestions. we did go to other places as well, but these are the ones we have postable pics for.


  Brumas 17:58 24 Aug 2007

If you were wearing the hat for a bet - you won!
Blooming good photos though ;o)

  Stuartli 18:04 24 Aug 2007

As you will have gathered before you went, it's a great area to visit..:-)

  WhiteTruckMan 18:05 24 Aug 2007

-but redneck isnt one of them!:)

  ualagniB 18:08 24 Aug 2007

Nice to have you back WTM. I've been absent too but only because I haven't been able to log on. I changed over to cable and haven't quite got the hang of things yet. Wish I could go on a little break. But one of my lads has promised to help me sort my garden out this weekend. I wonder if he would miss me if I shoved off? I also enjoyed your little photo show... Take no notice of that "Brumas" fella, he's just jealous of the hat.

  Weskit 18:24 24 Aug 2007

Nice to see you have a good photographer, I always get my head chopped off..

  TopCat® 18:44 24 Aug 2007

What a waste! All that surf and not a fishing rod in sight - the bass come close in when it's rough, you know. And then there's the beachcomber scene - where's the metal detector then? Apart from the buried WWII ordnance you might have picked up a real bargain! :o))

Good to see you 'back' - I wonder what the front looks like? :o)) TC.

  Forum Editor 18:46 24 Aug 2007

wear that hat in bed?

  anskyber 18:47 24 Aug 2007

Looking backwards to Xmas!?

Glad you enjoyed the north WTM

  bluto1 19:06 24 Aug 2007

Good pic of the glass collection......and look hat.

  mrwoowoo 19:28 24 Aug 2007

It's pete doherty,surely!
On second thoughts,Kate wouldn't be able to hold the camera steady enough.(o:!

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