Return to the 1918 licencing act?

  Quickbeam 07:03 15 Oct 2008

It seems the police would like to on cost grounds click here

Should we all be subjected to a return of those draconian laws just because some can't control themselves in a civil way?

  wiz-king 07:20 15 Oct 2008

Yes and No. I have no objection to pubs being allowed to be open all day but agree that the late closing is causing problems. It is a problem for staff who have to clear up after customers have gone - they like to sleep to; for those who live near the pubs with the noise of car doors slamming and rowdy arguments till 2 o'clock in the morning.
I think local councils should make more use of their licencing powers to restrict the late night licences of pubs & clubs that get lots of complaints.

  Quickbeam 07:23 15 Oct 2008

A snippet on the 1904 act which was to reduce the number of pubs that the Duke of Wellington encouraged click here

These 'beer pubs' were to reduce gin consumption and increase barley growing in agriculture and created the modern 'beer monster' as a byproduct:)

So, not a new problem at all. The drunkards of Britain will always find a way to drink to excess, whatever barriers the authorities put in their way...

  laurie53 07:37 15 Oct 2008

I also think that the law on supplying alcohol to those already drunk should be more strictly enforced, with license suspension becoming the norm for this offence.

  Covergirl 08:07 15 Oct 2008

. . . on that long boring night shift . . :-)

I disagree with the comment about staff - that's what they're there for. They are working for money and have a choice whether to work or not.

Totally agree with comments about noise, disruption, disturbance etc to surrounding dwellings. I'm not affected at all but feel pity for local residents subject to burger vans, taxis, fights, puke, sex, urine and boysterousness at 3am 4am in the morning when the nightclubs kick out.

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