Retro toys...

  Quickbeam 20:27 24 Aug 2007

Following the deviation on Strawballs 'Chinese motorcycle' post a while back, I find I have been seduced into bidding for a 30 year old Japanese motorcycle on e-bay.

A type of which I desired at the time but couldn't afford... now I can afford, but will require numerous winter hours of fun (fun = hard work & frustration)... to hell with it I want one!

  Quickbeam 21:39 24 Aug 2007

a Suzuki SP370 trail bike, circa '79. In running order but in need of a winter makeover.

Ah well... we never grow up do we?

  laurie53 09:47 25 Aug 2007

Childish or not, it's a grand feeling isn't it?

I am at long last having to get rid of my BMW twin which I coveted since the fifties and eventually got round to owning!

I was hoping to keep going until I exchanged leather for oak, but arthritis won!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 09:47 25 Aug 2007

I had a look on ebay, I have had a hankering for a 1975 RD250 to recapture my youth. Nothing there but found a Suzuki GT380 - there are some nice restored 70's bikes around but they fetch a lot of money!

  wee eddie 10:09 25 Aug 2007

I'm afraid the whole RD Range fell to bits long ago!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:17 25 Aug 2007

Either that or embeded into the sides of cars!

  spuds 11:23 25 Aug 2007

When I see vintage jap motorcycle (VJMC), brings tears to my eyes. I once owned a 1939? Jap Montgomery Greyhound with girder forks, in perfect running condition. In an house move, that an a number of other 'ancient' motorcycles ,moped types and other 'now expensive, and hard to come by' items got temporary left behind. I believe the rag and bone man helped himself to them, which I regret to this very day.

Bit like all the old car's and vehicles that went under the hammer, when the MOT was introduced. Lost a 1939 'built like a tank' with luxury fittings car that way, as well. Wasn't really anything wrong with it,that could not have easily have been sorted, but at the time!.

Must stop now, while I find an handkerchief :O(

  Quickbeam 12:06 25 Aug 2007

I always use the term 'Japanese' for that reason. I remember 20 odd years ago looking through an auto jumble stall for some Norton Roadholders.

A man next to me picked up a JAP speedway rocker box, the stall holder said "JAP dirt", another said "Nothing wrong with Jap bikes at all!"

  Quickbeam 12:16 25 Aug 2007

I've just checked out the VJMC site it looks very useful. I know that when I do the winter stripdown I'll get carried away, & want the frame stoving, paint work done, wheels re-laced with stainless spokes etc, etc. I particularly wanted one with the look & feel of the '70s... my biking era. And I don't mind doing some work on it, that leaves a bit of yourself in it.

It's not a fast bike, I'm too old for my nose on the bars of a 'Cafe Racer', but just right for a lazy potter about locally:)

  Quickbeam 12:24 25 Aug 2007

click here
nearly at the bottom of the page... expains the 'JAP Dirt' reference for the under 40s.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 12:52 25 Aug 2007

Thanks for the info - I'll check out the site.

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