Retirement Stupidity

  crosstrainer 15:03 25 Mar 2009

As many here will know, I retired last year, and have been "Trying" to move away from the IT stuff a bit.

Have new hobby (fish tank going well)

But just can't seem to get away from these machines...Found some good deals and just put together another one...WHY???

Another Quad, faster (as if I needed it) and am just waiting for this:

click here

(Top of the list)

My current gaming machine runs 2 8800gtx cards in SLI mode, and I have no need at all of this new one)

I walk the dogs....Have Lot's of time to write letters...Etc.) but It always comes back to what I know best. Aargh! I think I need another hobby!

All suggestions welcome!

  hssutton 15:16 25 Mar 2009

I'm not an ex IT man, so only rebuild once a year,suprising the power that the CS4 and Lightroom can use.

I've just built my quad core. My hobby however works hand in hand with computers. That being photography. Not as demanding as games, but still requires a computer with a bit of ooomph.

I can now spend the reat of the year using my camera and editing on my pc, knoing full well the pc will handle anything I throw at it, photo editing that is.

  crosstrainer 15:23 25 Mar 2009

Photography is also a hobby, but although I can take reasonable pictures, I'm not good with all this "White Balance" and the other numerous settings on my DSLR. Need something that completely removes IT from my life for a few hours a day :))

  S5W 15:41 25 Mar 2009

Try gardening,I find it to be relaxing, interesting and enjoyable especially when I am eating the fruits of my labour.
I had your problem a year or two ago; not IT but engineering.

  Grey Goo 15:43 25 Mar 2009

Get an allotment

  anthonystorey 15:46 25 Mar 2009

as my dad used to say "you cant take it with you"

if you enjoy it then why not, also if you have no need for this new one ill have it.

  jack 16:00 25 Mar 2009

from your former occupation- but cant quite make the break, take a look at this.

click here
Plenty of activities here to get your teeth into and you can try this and that until one clicks- and it is basically cost free- not absolutely but affordable.

Who knows you former skill may be welcomed -if you let on that is.

  Cymro. 16:22 25 Mar 2009

Research in to your family history and you can do quite a bit of it via the Internet.

  crosstrainer 16:43 25 Mar 2009

Yellow envolpe

  rawprawn 16:44 25 Mar 2009

I know you like cars, why not buy a classic and get involved with the local club.

  crosstrainer 16:45 25 Mar 2009

Got 7 Acres :))

Mostly fields.........Not up to large scale agriculture.

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