Tugwilson 11:21 26 Oct 2006

I am looking to retire a few years early.Due to various resons i dont think it will be in the UK.Anybody any thoughts on where would be a good place to spend my retirement ?

  Tugwilson 11:26 26 Oct 2006

OOOPPPSSS !! it should read RETIREMENT--sorry

  namtas 11:37 26 Oct 2006

Not a direct reply to your question but I hope helpful, becuase that is a very personal discision of suitability.
One tip that I received, remember you really need a close circle of friends, by moving away from your present location and you will have to build that circle afresh.
Aim to have as a minimum 30 contacts that you can rely on at any one time
If you do move, join an organisation to build contacts ASAP.
Wherever you go, do not just look at the location in summer.
Remember you may have to rely on public transport eventually

  Pamy 11:51 26 Oct 2006

Too many variables to advise you. Married , Partner, Children, Family and friends, loner, likes company, fit & able or not, likes it hot or not, ETC. ETC.

  Tugwilson 12:23 26 Oct 2006

There are some good points there,Just to give you a little background,I have travelled all my life.I now live in Egypt with my Egyptian Wife.I was hoping to get some feedback from say, people living in France or Spain mainly regarding the quality of life,Cost of living,That sort of thing.
I cant see me staying in North Africa for the rest of my days !!:-)

  Pamy 12:40 26 Oct 2006

I would assume that you have disussed this with your Egyptian Wife. She may get homesick after you move. I take it that UK is a no no. Are you English? What languages do you both speak?

What do you & your wife like doing besides nothing?

And most importantly, can you afford it?

Many questions to ask yourselves not us without we pry into your lifestyle and circumstances.

Just come back from holiday in South of France, very nice but could not afford to live there permanetly.

  Cymro. 13:39 26 Oct 2006

I live in in a very popular part of the country that a lot of retired people choose to move to on retirement, a sort of "Costa geriatrica". You would be surprised how many of them find that they have made a mistake especially when one spouse dies. They end up all alone without family or friends and very often in failling health. Local health care and social services etc. is probably not as good as they would have had at home and they quite often can`t even speak the language so making new friends etc. is even more difficult. I don`t know where is the best place to retire to, but be very careful and don`t burn your bridges behind you.

  jack 14:17 26 Oct 2006

Where ever you decide to go you must consider the services you are likely to need as an aging individual -medical care- secure home conditions
not all of these are available in some places
It is best I think to stay where you have the greatest community contact and to continue visiting as long as you are able.
The tales are legion of aged people trapped in what are now to them untenable situations far from home country and the support of friends and family.

  DrScott 14:23 26 Oct 2006

I'm only 28 so wayyyyy off retirement, but I know of many people who retire to India. Pounds sterling go much further there than anywhere else, people actually treat their elders with respect, you can have a driver and cook live in for about the same cost as a cleaner once per week in the UK, and the weather is usually always gorgeous.

Shopping is okay too now, with many department stores, and Bangalore even has a M&S. Medical care, if private, is as good as any other Western country. Plus there are thousands of ex-pats, and some wonderful country clubs...

It's worth a thought anyway...

  Cymro. 15:08 26 Oct 2006

I don`t want to be negative, but I doubt very much if India will be the same by the time you come to retire, not the way the world is going these days.

  Sapins 16:46 26 Oct 2006

Wherever you decide to consider the first thing to do is rent a house/apartment, for a year if you can.

I live in France and it has definite advantages, the cost of living compares favourably with the UK, the health service is second to none, the people are friendly and welcoming if you take the trouble to learn at least the basics of the language, the climate is definitely better, the food excellent, especially eating out which is very cheap and of course the real cost of living is on average £1.50 a bottle! There are no larger louts, crime outside the major cities is low. The education system is very good. You will rarely get caught in traffic jams and even IN Paris the traffic keeps moving along. We haven't regretted our move at all. Oh! and the public services are very efficient. They are leading the way with I.T., the train network is excellent.

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