Rethink on illegal childcaring

  Chegs ®™ 02:47 29 Sep 2009

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I admire the work OFSTED do in inspecting each & every school so that parents can choose a good school and each schools performance is reviewed periodically so that problems can be addressed before it is "ingrained" into the staff/pupils as normal.

Having said this,I heard about these two women being warned that what they do with each others children (child minding) is illegal.How can a department (OFSTED) I admire be so totally lacking in commonsense? I agree that anyone minding others children for financial reward should be subject to checks but not two obvious friends & workmates,and if these two are breaking the law then so are many many more people(myself & my GF included as we often look after friends/neighbours children and these people often look after my daughter)I also note that this law Childcare Act 2006 only applies in England(I know there are differences in law for Scotland,trespass being one that is different in Scotland to England)but murder is the same in Scotland/England/Wales,etc eg: illegal.We have a central government that creates laws for all,so why did this Childcare Act only become law for England? Then,why has this Act been used in such a ridiculous circumstance as these two women?

  JanetO 08:42 29 Sep 2009

I don't know why but when the legislators introduce new laws they never seem capable enough to think about all the implications properly.

  crosstrainer 08:52 29 Sep 2009

In a two words "Political Correctness" These serving police officers made a sensible choice about child care.


I really hope they do not lose their jobs over this...but have a horrible feeling it just might happen.

  crosstrainer 08:55 29 Sep 2009

..Applies to us all...are we allowed to look after our grandchildren without fear of some kind of state intervention? Will the dog's bite if you pester them?

And on and on we go.

Can someone please put a stop to this lunacy NOW?

  bremner 08:57 29 Sep 2009

Why on earth would they lose their jobs?

  interzone55 09:00 29 Sep 2009

Parents, Grand-parents, aunties, uncles, step-parents are all allowed to look after children without fear of persecution from OFSTED.

Guess who commits the vast majority of offences against children?

  crosstrainer 09:50 29 Sep 2009

Just had a look at the stats. You have a point, but would you, I or 99.9% of the population abuse kids.


It's media driven hype....And as for the Police...Well expletive deleted as they say.

  oresome 11:02 29 Sep 2009

These laws are introduced because ministers feel compelled to do something following any high profile incident. Whether whatever is done addresses the problem is another matter.

Regarding the police officers, I wonder how they managed the child minding when presumably they both work irregular shift patterns and often need to sleep during the day following a night shift.

Were they given favourable treatment concerning shift patterns and reported by a disgruntled colleague?

  crosstrainer 11:59 29 Sep 2009

Have a look here:

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Utterly ridiculous

  Chegs ®™ 12:23 29 Sep 2009

I refer to these police officers as they were the subject of a news article,but this Act applies to many more people.If it was reported to OFSTED that I and my GF regularly mind neighbours children after school as their own parents are at work,we would need to undergo the checks and I would likely be told I didnt qualify as I have criminal convictions from 20+ years ago(that arent spent under the 10yr ruling as any offence starts the countdown again,even speeding,or breach of the peace or any trivial offence)I was prosecuted by the council for breach of planning regulations and fined £5000,the council then suspended my taxi licence until I appeared before the licencing panel to explain why I should still be classed as a "fit and proper person to hold a licence" I was allowed to continue to hold my taxi licence but the period of being unable to work resulted in my business collapsing as the finance on the vehicles wasnt paid,the taxmans demands werent met & I was eventually declared bankrupt.This sorry tale is only an example of what could stop an OFSTED inspector granting me the legal right to mind a neighbours child.

  Kevscar1 12:25 29 Sep 2009

Actually listening to the news last night if they did it in each others homes there would be no problem. They just can't do it in there own.

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