Retailer discount voucher codes used online

  TopCat® 13:26 31 Oct 2007

I've recently listened to an interesting radio discussion about these discount vouchers. It centred around this one person buying goods online from a well known UK store.

Prior to doing this he had found, on a discount website, a valid code for this store and duly entered it during the transaction. The order was accepted, the discounted money taken from his store account and the goods arrived a few days later. Some eight weeks afterwards, he received a letter from the store's head office stating he was not entitled to the discount and they had taken the amount back from his account. Checking proved this to be the case.

The person contacted his local trading standards office and they told him the store had acted unlawfully, as a legally-binding contract had taken place. Later, the money was replaced back into the purchaser's account.

What happened next was the store's legal department sent him a letter, which was upheld by the store's local trading standards office, by the way, stating this customer had knowingly and fraudulently used a code that someone had posted on that website. The code was emailed to 78,000 of their store customers - they have over a million -but this individual wasn't on the list of intended names. The store had again taken back money from his account.

The radio discussion ended by the presenter saying that only test case and a ruling from a High Court would settle the matter. In the meantime, it advised listeners to use caution with these vouchers as they could be currently 'skating on thin ice' at the moment if they don't. TC.

  youtruth 13:43 31 Oct 2007

"stating this customer had knowingly and fraudulently used a code" - the case possibly rests on this point.

Therefore, the defence should be "my partner left me the shopping code on a slip on paper. I simply typed it in when buying online. I know nufing else me lud".

"Case dismissed, with costs to the smart hass."

  Jak_1 13:59 31 Oct 2007

Using something for gain that you have no entitlement to use to gain discount is bascally fraud. The size of the fraudulant gain does not come into the equation. Fraud, no matter how small or large is a criminal offence! So I would say that the said person who used the online discount voucher was commiting fraud as they knew they were not entitled to use it nor have a discount!

  Jak_1 14:18 31 Oct 2007

"If they thought about ways to avoid abuse and then decided it was too much trouble, I'd say they deserve what happened."

But that does not give a person the right to knowingly commit fraud!

  youtruth 14:28 31 Oct 2007

I always tell people when buying Crucial memory to type into the voucher box the word "compueteractive" which gives you 4% off. Saying that, I'm not sure if they are currently running this discount.

This was an entitlement open to everyone. Therefore, you can see why someone may think that other online discount vouchers are legal to use, if accepted when buying.
So, it must be down to the company in question to securely protect their discount voucher codes.

Recently I bought £100 with of ram from Crucial and completely forgot about this voucher!!
Missed out on a few bottles of beers there?

  Jak_1 14:38 31 Oct 2007

Shame on you for missing out on that beer,unforgivable :)

  youtruth 14:55 31 Oct 2007

Jak_1, I remember why now. I was thrown by Crucial's new postage charges.

Crucial always had free postage and usually sent the ram out within 24hrs. But, now they want £2.50 to send it 1/2 days and free postage 3/5 days.

I was surprised at the change and the new money grabbing attitude.

My order was nothing but trouble due to the postage strike,especially in Scotland, from where Crucial are.
It took about another 2 weeks after the strike ended to arrive.

The annoying thing was that Crucial had 2/3 days in hand to send out my order but because I hadn't paid the extra charge they didn't.

Forget all the bull about eSolutions. Why don't these leading companies in technology just opt for good old practical solutions, thus keeping their customers very happy?


  lisa02 16:51 31 Oct 2007

I use vouchers to buy from jessops, these vouchers show up on Jessops' site like: click here JESSOPS10 and COUPONCRAZE are two others that used to be displayed on it and still work.

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