Retail version of Windows on a new PC

  jz 17:36 04 Nov 2006

Is it possible to get the retail version of Windows on a new laptop from (eg) Dell or the other major manufacturers? Or do I have to buy the OEM version, throw it away then buy the retail version? If this is the case, what manufacturers sell PCs without an operating system installed so I can buy my own retail version that I can install myself?

  bremner 17:51 04 Nov 2006

Why are you unhappy with an OEM copy - it is identical to the Retail version with the exception that (legally) the licence dies with the machine on which it is installed.

  lisa02 17:55 04 Nov 2006

You won't change bits in a lappy so much that it needs a retail copy.

Don't waste money.

  jz 19:05 04 Nov 2006

Well that's the problem - an OEM copy dies with the machine. I'd rather have a copy that I can transfer to another machine if I upgrade. The retail copy allows me to do this indefinitely.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:07 04 Nov 2006

Novatech will sell you a PC without an OS.

  anskyber 19:23 04 Nov 2006

So will Cube 247

  jz 19:31 04 Nov 2006

Thanks Diodorus + Ansky.

I assume then that the big names will not sell you a retail copy?

Also, if I do decide to get a laptop from a big name (eg Dell) with an OEM copy of Windows (I'm reluctant to do this, but it seems you get a poor choice of laptops otherwise) do they give you the full Windows OEM disk, or a restore disk. I know someone who had a restore disk, and I didn't think much of it. It appeared to be just a 'ghost' of what was initially installed. I know that for some people this is the best options, but for people like me who want to re-install the way I want it, it's annoying.

  anskyber 19:40 04 Nov 2006

My Dell desktop came with a recovery partition. I had the choice for an extra £5 to get a disc.

My needs I think are different to yours, I use Acronis true image for restore purposes.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:40 04 Nov 2006

Some will give a restore disk, others a full windows disk... it's best to ask before purchase.

I'd suggest you get a PC with an OEM Windows disk for now and when you need to buy something more, get Vista.

  jz 19:59 04 Nov 2006

I'm going to buy when Vista comes out. I suspect I will have to get a PC with the OEM Windows isntalled since the choice without it is so poor. Also, I plan to use Open Office so don't want MS Works, which seems to be included in Dell laptops. I'd rather pay a bit less and not get it. It surprises me that they don't allow you to not have it at a slightly lower price.

  Snec 20:43 04 Nov 2006

There are plenty of places available on the net where you can buy base units with *nothing* installed. Planet-Micro & Envivisage are just two I regularly use (37 over the last 12 months).

With me it has nothing to do with costs, as all costs are passed on anyway. I prefer to buy machines that have not been mauled about, too much, by other people.

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