Retail Business Opportunity?

  oresome 19:52 02 Mar 2009

How about selling alcohol just over the Scottish border in England? Guaranteed price advantage will ensure brisk trade.

click here

  laurie53 20:03 02 Mar 2009

Wonder if my pension will go up so that I can still enjoy my one glass a day.

  canarieslover 20:08 02 Mar 2009

I suppose that they will increase the tax on deep fried Mars bars next to tackle obesity.

  peter99co 20:20 02 Mar 2009

Is it possible that Berwick on Tweed will be a beer shopping mecca?

  Quickbeam 21:53 02 Mar 2009

I'll bet they won't want to return to Scotland if that happens... click here

  newman35 22:43 02 Mar 2009

But where does the 'extra' money charged actually go to?
It's not a tax, so it must just be profit for the retailer?

  Stuartli 23:42 02 Mar 2009

I'm amazed that it's suddenly been realised that the Scots binge drink....:-)

As for raising the cost of buying drink it will make very little difference, especially in the case of young people.

The nanny state in action again, much of it seemingly based on seeking to try and cut down on the cost of running the (Scottish) NGS.

Not quite sure about Scotland, but the decision to allow 24 hour drinking in England a couple of years back must have had some effect in encouraging increased levels of alcohol consumption.

  carver 08:54 03 Mar 2009

I saw a news item on the BBC about this and the presenter produced a lovely graph showing the relationship between prices and consumption from 1900 to the present day.

He went on to say that in 1914 strict licensing laws were introduced which cut consumption and this trend continued until the 60's when consumption started to rise and prices fall.

Now I may be wrong but wasn't it about 1914 that we had some sort of war, then afterwards a flue epidemic that killed millions, then a depression, then another war about 1940, which lasted a couple of years, after that nobody had any money for about another 10 years till the economy started picking back up.

So let me have a think? could this have any thing to do with a fall in consumption, or am I missing some thing.

  carver 08:58 03 Mar 2009

Also forgot to mention, who was it that introduced 24 hour drinking against the advice of Doctors, Police, medical experts, who all said it wasn't a good idea to have 24 hour drinking as it would lead to increased consumption.

Some people shouldn't be in charge of a car park never mind run a country.

  jack 10:15 03 Mar 2009

is of course unfair to most folk who like to drink but are in control and do not cause disruption to the rest us the population and harm to them selves

It seems to me that a sure fire way of targeting abusers is to remove some of their personal spending power.
One way to do this is the charge those that present
themselves to A&E with self harm related conditions
for any treatment.
After all serious sports players I believe carry some form of injury insurance do they not?

  Stuartli 10:24 03 Mar 2009

The revised tough licensing laws in 1914 were passed to stop the war effort being undermined by excess alcohol consumption.

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