With a resounding clatter an ASR Seaking

  jack 19:55 09 Sep 2008

Was cruising up and down our road this noon time,
Why here in semi rural Kent?
Yes the hospital is just up the road with its helipad - but it was not going there.
Just sitting over our road
Sent the pic and the story to local paper - they came back- RNLI had a distress call and could not locate it- Called ASR.
This evening the penny dropped- just over the road there is a firm that services Marine Lifrafts and the like I wonder if the penny dropped with them?

[IMG]click here[/IMG

  peter99co 20:55 09 Sep 2008

Someone triggered a liferaft or did the rain come in through the roof. I bet a few roofs have sprung a leak this month.

  Jim Thing 22:43 09 Sep 2008

Has there been any flooding in your area?

  laurie53 01:07 10 Sep 2008

I remember watching with amazement as a chopper came on hovered directly over an aircraft on which I was trying to do an engine start.

Turns out one of the crew had tossed his lifejacket onto a bunk and triggered the beacon!

  crosstrainer 06:45 10 Sep 2008

Of months back, I was out for my usuall early morning walk with the dog's, walking along the riverbank close to school playing fields.

I suddenly heard a heli, flying low and it made a hard landing on the field.

Turns out the pilot had a Tail Rotor gearbox warning, and decided to put down.

Was there for a couple of day's, but I guess they repaired it there, as it was gone next time I walked that way.

  peter99co 09:00 10 Sep 2008

During the war my father saw a Lancaster Bomber, which had landed in a field in Belgium and had its tyres slashed and stolen by Locals who used the rubber for shoe repairs. The only part of the tyre that remained was under the wheel, where it had been trapped as it was punctured.

  dagbladet 09:19 10 Sep 2008

Pedants hat on


Search And Rescue

Pedants hat off

  jack 10:23 10 Sep 2008

Pedants hat off


  jack 10:49 10 Sep 2008

Water ingress I would think is a likely scenario.
Stacks of these white drums are stored in the open.
Though being stored in the open on board ship I would think it unlikely
More like a human error.

As the local hospital helipad is near by, and the Thames but a mile to the north, it could have been worse
Google Earth reveals all

click here

click here

  dagbladet 12:59 10 Sep 2008

Local news

click here

  laurie53 13:11 10 Sep 2008

Old stager's hat on - ASR - Air/Sea Rescue.

This was what it was called in the beginning, and for those of a certain age it will always remain so.

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