Rescue me from the Darkness.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:39 04 Jun 2013

Since we changed to these Compact Fluorescent (Energy Saving) light bulbs I feel as though I am living in the dark ages. I have many more table/desk lamps ETC now because the light from the aforementioned bulbs is so poor.

Can anyone advise on a bulb that has a bayonet fitting but that enables me to see the other side of the room when it is switched on.

  spuds 11:51 04 Jun 2013

Not the answer, but I tend to find that having used a selection of these type of lighting, results can and do differ. At once upon a time it was the 'haze' or glow factor as to whether it had a blue, orange tinge etc, but that seems to have improved over time.

Personally we can still get the 'old' type bulbs, and still purchase these for certain conditions around the home and property.

  Quickbeam 11:56 04 Jun 2013

I just use a bulb with twice the replacement rating, which of course defies the claimed saving.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:13 04 Jun 2013

I have just bought a couple of bulbs from CPC, I was buying other bits and pieces anyway. So I'll see how they go.

  Woolwell 15:21 04 Jun 2013

It is worthwhile speaking to a specialist supplier. I have energy saving lights, some of them are LED, and don't have any light issues or low light start up times. However I have paid a bit more for each light. This company is a possibly a bit expensive but I have found their advice to be good.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:53 04 Jun 2013

I got a tip from another forum which was find a Building supplier as they will usually still stock the 'normal' bulbs. There is always Ebay of course.

  BT 17:48 04 Jun 2013

We use a 25w Spiral compact flourescent in our Standard lamp and its quite adequate for normal use/Watching TV etc. The spiral lamps seem brighter than the straight ones. If you search around you can get 30w ones.

  caccy 18:05 04 Jun 2013

I find that these "toxic"* light bulbs actually hurt my eyes. So I laid in a stock of 60Watt incandescent ones but will use LED types if available. *(toxic because they are hazardous waste when they expire. You have to dispose of them at a certified waste site in the same way as florescent tubes)

  bumpkin 18:16 04 Jun 2013

I have tried these and they are not the same as the old ones no matter what they claim. I found them OK for bedrooms and lamps but ended up replacing most of them with the old type.

The old types are still available for industrial use and marked as such, also very easy to get on the net and you do not have to buy loads at a time. Ebay would be my first port of call but loads of others as well.

  bumpkin 18:29 04 Jun 2013

The energy savers are great for outside lighting but don't expect anything like the "guaranteed" hours.

  spuds 19:47 04 Jun 2013

If you want the 'old' type, then check out the £1 shops. Usually 3 or 4 for £1.00.

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