Reputable site for buying a wheelchair

  wolfie3000 20:06 10 May 2008

Is there any websites out there that sell wheelchairs that are reputable in the uk?

Im not sure where to start, i want a website that i can trust and wont rip me off.

Also the wheelchair must be able to fold down to fit in a car.

Something light weight, so any ideas?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:17 10 May 2008

click here these guys would be the best lot to ask.


  aine 20:17 10 May 2008

I purchased one from a firm "Mobility abroad ltd, 59 Jesmond road, Grays, Essex RM 16 2QS" very good service, ordered online paid there and then. Delivered on the day stated, no problems. my product no 1418NQ

  wolfie3000 21:29 10 May 2008

Thanks Gandalf il get in touch with them asap,
Theres alot to consider when buying a wheelchair from what the website says, width of chair, weight, a persons height ect...

looks like i will have to consider alot when buying.

  €dstowe 22:06 10 May 2008

Discuss this with a health professional. If there is a real need for a wheelchair, they are in the best position to advise on the finer points of what to get and possibly where from.

  wolfie3000 22:11 10 May 2008

Good idea €dstowe,

There will be a real need for it as the summers apon us and im finding walking more and more difficult,

I would like to do alot this summer and be as active as i can be (theres a few castles and historic sites i want to visit)

Its got to a point now where a wheelchair is a necessity.

  hssutton 22:33 10 May 2008

would you qualify for an NHS chair? This is the best way as it would cost you nothing and all maintenance is free. They do supply lightweight chairs which fold up nicely so as to fit into a car boot. click here

As for a reliable company to buy from, I will be able to give you information on one site in the next few days. I have ordered one from click here

This particular chair cosrs £499 in mobility shops around the Grimsby area, but online £314.37.

We take our disabled daughter abroad quite a often, and thought a sportier lightweight model would be ideal. We will still keep the NHS one which my daughter will use on a daily basis for attending the local day care centre

  al7478 22:39 10 May 2008

is it to be self propelled? Can i ask your budget...?

  wolfie3000 22:42 10 May 2008


It would be self propelled and i have a budget of around £250 but can stretch it to around £300 if pushed. :P

Thanks hssutton, i will look into all the sites that people have posted and will get in touch with the nhs and others for more info.

But i would really like to buy one as im sure it would be more suited for my needs.

  al7478 23:32 10 May 2008

Then, with apology, ill withdraw, as i think there are a few more appropriate suggestions here than the one i would have given.

  peter99co 23:36 10 May 2008

Even Makro sell Self Propelled Chairs in your budget range

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