Replacement knee joint - any takers?

  Aitchbee 10:07 28 Jun 2011

My right knee has been very painful for over a year. After 2 X-rays and a MRI scan the specialist said my knee joint had deteriorated to the extent that it was bone rubbing against bone. The only solution was to fit a new artificial knee. The snag is I am too young at 56 to have one fitted...the specialist said it would only last 10-12 years and then it would have to be replaced, which would entail a more invasive and complicated operation. Has anyone had this operation or known someone who has had it done.

  birdface 10:33 28 Jun 2011

My Mates wife had that operation on one knee and has to get the same operation on the other one.

At the time she said she would not get the other one done because the new one was causing a lot of pain.

And a couple of months later she was thinking about getting her other knee done,

So I suppose the old answer no pain no gain springs to mind.

  johndrew 10:35 28 Jun 2011

You should point out to the 'expert' that having the new joint now would give you 10-12 years of comfort whilst young and of a working age. When you get older you will be likely to use it less and it may last longer anyway. Not to mention that none of us are provided the the date at which such an operation would be pointless.

  Blackhat 10:56 28 Jun 2011

My mother had problems with both knees; she was reduced to a wheelchair by age sixty. She had first one done when in her late sixties, followed by a lot of pain and discomfort. The operation was re-done within a year and went very well with no after effects. As a result she had the other knee done a year layer.

She is now late seventies and walks everywhere and has also stopped using her walking stick.

Every case is different so I would take on board professional advice from at least 2 specialists.

  Aitchbee 11:12 28 Jun 2011

Thanks for your replies everyone. I will see the specialist again in november 2011 and will take on board all of your suggestions. HB

  JanetO 11:30 28 Jun 2011

There's a hospital in Lille, France, which specialises in knee and hip replacements. It's cheaper than our private, but it's still quite expensive. There are some hospitals who send patients there on the NHS to ease the waiting lists. It's worth having a loo

  JanetO 11:31 28 Jun 2011


Where's that edit button?

  sunnystaines 11:39 28 Jun 2011

same as my daughter at 31years. other options to reshape the leg bone at the knee or re arrange how the ligaments are situated depending on your circumstances.

further reading

link text

  Aitchbee 12:53 28 Jun 2011

Cheers JanetO and sunnstaines.The pain in my right knee is bearable but it has curtailed my normal activities. On a lighter note. I recall Roger Moore had 'dodgey knees' - I laughed at the time...Roger (if your watching) did you get your knees done?

  Terry Brown 13:39 28 Jun 2011

I have had a dodgy knee for about 5 years, due to an incident at work (in which I damaged my "Lateral collatoral Ligament" (Ligament at the front of the knee) about 20 years ago and (with age) is now detoriated and swollen. I have been to my doctors and other doctors, had various gels and tablets (Prescription and over the conter), had hospital appointments who agree that it is 'Bad but bearable' , so they will not operate unless I say those magic words 'I'll Pay'.

The only way I could get relief was to wear a knee support (Buy Privately), which relieved the pressure and enabled to walk reasonably well.

A friend told me about Boots 'Distilled witch hazel', which I said I would try (not with much faith) and I was suprised by the relief after only a few days (applied 3 times daily to the affected area). After a few days the swelling had noticably gone down and the pain eased.

I no longer need the knee support (although I still get the occasional twinge) and I only apply now when necessary (about once a week).

I went back to my doctor and told him about it and all he said was 'We know about it, but because it is not on our list we cannot tell you about it.'

I'm not saying this will help you, but it will not do any harm and what do you have to lose.


  amonra 15:50 28 Jun 2011

At 56 you are still a spring chicken ! Go for it. As someone said earlier you can have it done NOW and have some pleasure in life rather than suffer. The longer you leave it the worse things get, the "good" knee takes more of a hammering and consequently goes downhill faster.

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