Renault F1 escape punishment

  interzone55 21:52 06 Dec 2007

Renault F1 have been found guilty of being in possession of McLaren technical documents. They're not being punished though.

For the same offence McLaren were fined £50m.

Do we need further proof that Max Mosely holds a major grudge against McLaren?

If I were Ron Dennis I'd pull out of F1 altogether, let Ferrari run a one horse race and see viewers leave in droves

  Coffee Adict 22:21 06 Dec 2007

Probably Ron wasn't paying enough into the bung fund. As you say a blatant show of favouritism. I've been a follower of F1 since the Renee Arnoux, Nelson Piquet days but have lost interest over the last couple of years, Hamilton has revived it a bit, but I prefer the motorbikes these days.

  Chris the Ancient 09:42 07 Dec 2007

And to make it worse, McLaren are to be re-investigated over exactly the same thing with Ferrari that has been investigated previously!

click here

Perhaps it is Max Mosely that should be investigated?

  Seth Haniel 10:13 07 Dec 2007

you can tramp all over it. Any other country gets away scot free :(

get rid of these 'big' guys and get some younger enthusiastic bosses

  Proclaimer 10:34 07 Dec 2007

they said there will be an announcement today explaining why no fine was imposed.

  anskyber 11:16 07 Dec 2007

From what I can see it's about whether Renault were complicit and encouraged the "spying" or whether it was the action of a single individual.

Reports suggest that a former employee of Mclaren took material (CDs) with him when he moved to Renault who when made aware of the material handed it back to Mclaren

  Noldi 16:19 07 Dec 2007

The difference between McLaren and Renault cases one the information was stolen the other it was spied from the inside. But it does seem all a bit strange it is all industrial espionage.


  FreeCell 17:16 07 Dec 2007

If you recall in the first instance McLaren were found guilty but no punishment was given. It was only after "further evidence" came to light from Alonso and others that the case was re-investigated and McLaren were fined $100 million.

McLaren themselves have not been seeking to have Renault fined to the same extent. Maybe something to do with sportsmanship, not a virtue I would associate with Mosely et al.

McLaren were also accused by Ferrari, who have a far greater influence over F1 and its administrators than any other team. I'll read the announcement of the reasoning in the Renault case with interest.

  anskyber 09:39 14 Dec 2007

It looks as if McLaren were less open than we, or perhaps they realised they should and Ferrari are closer to the truth than many thought. click here

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