Remove egg from windows ?

  Alan-Petrie 21:02 31 Oct 2010

Long story short the local idiot, or in my eyes the local lucky bastard I have a ripped ankle tendant and cant catch him boy, threw an egg at window and many others in my street last night. However due to it being a second floor window and the fact that it only opens at the top, click here

similar to this its just the top smaller sections that open. How can I clean this? I dont have a big ladder so cant reach is there anything I can pour out the window onto it that may dissolve it?

  namtas 21:08 31 Oct 2010

Not as much of a problem if you can wash/rinse it off straight away, if you leave it to set for a few hours then I am afraid that you will find that it has set like glue.

  Alan-Petrie 21:09 31 Oct 2010

I poured hot water and fairly liquid on it last night within 30min but that hasnt removed all of it sadly.

  muddypaws 21:19 31 Oct 2010

You have my sympathy. Happened to me a few hours ago. Luckily the downstairs window. I washed it down with hot water with plenty of washing up liquid and a car wash brush.
I wonder if you could do the same with one of those telescopic window cleaning poles. The one I have reaches the upstairs windows, but at that height it is difficult to put much pressure on it.
No local window cleaner in your area? Probably busy cleaning eggs off!.

  Alan-Petrie 21:47 31 Oct 2010

the sad thing is the window cleaner passed my house about 2 days ago for the next month. Might try an get a number or hire a ladder from the local hss.

  BRYNIT 22:49 31 Oct 2010

If you don't usually have a window cleaner you could try click here

Or a more profesional version click here

  woody 00:35 01 Nov 2010

Use a short pole/broom with cloth on end and reach out the window.

  carver 06:35 01 Nov 2010

At least it was only the window, eggs can make a mess if your house is rendered they stain every thing.

Side note have you a car, if you have check that because the egg will eat through the paintwork.

  Quickbeam 07:55 01 Nov 2010

If it happens again don't use hot water. That just cooks the protein onto the glass and makes for more work to remove it.

  ella33 08:51 01 Nov 2010

We have kids here who frequently throw eggs at walls and fences. Not particularly glass and not because it's Halloween. Even so I think it is more than sad they don't have better ways to spend Halloween.

Alan-Petrie does any of the neighbours have a phone number for that window cleaner. Most of them are pretty human and would pop back to help out as this was unavoidable.

  babybell 09:14 01 Nov 2010

One local idiot just resorted to removing wing mirrors and denting door panels last night. 6 cars were done in our street alone.

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