Removal of clips in engine bay

  al's left peg 13:31 25 Nov 2010

Hi guys,

My dad's old Corsa has a problem with the engine management light coming on intermittently. As a process of elimination, I believe it could be a fault with an item called a mass air flow sensor see.
/Users/cgne17818/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2010/25 Nov 2010/air flow sensor clips.jpg
I am unsure how to remove the clips which hold the item innto the air flow hose onto the air filter. Can anybody tell me if a special tool is required to remove them or not?
Many thanks in advance.

  al's left peg 13:57 25 Nov 2010

Sorry Imac will not allow me to upload the photo. I will try and sort this out now.

  birdface 14:21 25 Nov 2010

Googled just in case you forgot.

click here

  birdface 14:46 25 Nov 2010

Just had a read through this one and unless you know a lot about cars i would be going to the garage.

click here

So many different problems that can be causing the light to come on looks like it is a job for the professionals.
If it is the problem that you are working on I did read you can pick up a replacement from the scrap yard for £40 but that may have the same problem.

  al's left peg 15:51 25 Nov 2010

Having no luck uploading a pic of the clips I need to remove this item. I have found though that they are called Norma Cobra hose clips requiring a special set of pliers to remove them.

Hi Buteman, and thanks for the links. I have picked up two of the mass air meters from a local scrapyard for a tenner. I believe this to be the problem so will give it a go first to see if it rectifies the fault. It is not worth spending a lot of money on, because the car is over ten years old and my dad only uses it to go to the shops in and short journeys.
Cheers Al.

  feb 17:06 25 Nov 2010

If they are, what I think they are, Mole grips work.
You need to put them on, clamp them, then release slightly and clamp again, eventually you should be able to slide the clip along the hose!

  OTT_B 20:15 25 Nov 2010

What model and age of Corsa? Have you tried reading the DTC codes? Most (but not all) cars can 'flash out' the DTC codes with no special equipment required.

Mass airflow maters can usually be cleaned with carb cleaner, providing the element hasn't completely burned through. I can't say as I've seen a MAF sensor that would require you to remove piping to get at it, but then I've never really looked at a Corsa engine either.

  peter99co 20:20 25 Nov 2010

Do you know how the scrap yard removed the two you have?

  al's left peg 20:45 25 Nov 2010

Hi OTT_B and Peter99co,

I have recently started using a Mac and for some reason I cannot provide a link by copy>paste as I usuallly would on my old Windows PC. I cannot therefore upload any pics to show you what I mean.

I have heard though not to use any form of cleaners on the mass air flow sensor as it has platinum in it and cleaning fluid can damage it.

As regards Peter99co, no I don't know how the yard has removed the two items. I would imagine with not a great deal of care.

  OTT_B 20:52 25 Nov 2010

The MAF sensor i nothing more than a coil of expensive wire. You can clean it with a non corrosive cleaner, such as carb cleaner.

I really would recommend seeing what DTCs are logged on the ECU before gong too far.

There's usually a way to read the codes by a sequence of brake and accel pedal applications (and sometimes more obscure stuff!), or by using something like a paper clip in the OBD socket. If you can post back the model and year of the car I'll have a look at what will work.

It just seems a pity to go through all the effort of removing the MAF sensor without knowing that's what the problem is, especially when there's (usually) a free and quick way to confirm it.

  al's left peg 21:29 25 Nov 2010


It is a 99 T reg 1.0 3 cylinder corsa engine code is X10 XE.

Thanks for your kind offer of help with this.

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