remember the zx81

  finerty 14:30 11 Mar 2011

remember this

click here

what happened to his little vehicle the I thinks it was called the Sinclair 5

  finerty 14:31 11 Mar 2011

and the tape recorder to load games, good games and good graphic way back then but long time to load by cassette, I remember some cassettes got chewed up in the machine

  MAJ 14:43 11 Mar 2011

I preferred my Commodore 64. Poke 53280,0. Poke 53281,1

  interzone55 14:56 11 Mar 2011

The little vehicle - the C5 - was widely, and quite rightly, ridiculed, so it quickly disappeared.

I saw one a few weeks ago in the Museum of Museums by the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

The Commodore 64 was a few years after the ZX81, and is a totally different type of machine. It was relatively powerful and well specced, and a lot more expensive than the ZX81, or it's replacement the ZX Spectrum

  Covergirl 15:10 11 Mar 2011

Good for next to nothing unless you were a programmer.
The only program I tried on it was chess which allowed any illegal move. I got bored easy.

Sinclair Spectrum - different kettle of fish and an amazing machine imho.

  Terry Brown 15:11 11 Mar 2011

Those were the days, when you had to learn how to program, no easy short cuts, no email, no web.

I started with the ZX81, then upgraded to the ZX Spectrum, the the Sharp computer, The ORIC,BBC B,BBC Master, Commordore 64 (what a glorious machine for games)and then to an IBM running Win 3.1 DOS.

More Memory, Get the screwdriver out and with a VERY fine screwdriver and a gentle hand prise the old RAM (Random Access Memory, or the Eprom (Eraseable Programmable Read only Memory) out and replace it, being very careful not to damage any of the pins

I dabbled in programming, writing an adequate Word Processor and Spreadsheet, Hangman (Remember that).

I agree it was much harder to do anything on the computer, but it was a lot more satisfying knowing you had created something and you kept on 'modifying', often wasting hours upon hours (like today really).

However what I learnt, has helped in a lot of ways in sorting out problems on a modern machine.

  spuds 15:15 11 Mar 2011

Not only remember the ZX81, but still have mine with all the gadgets, and recall the waiting list before I received it. Very expensive it was as well.

Connecting to Prestel with the ZX81 was an added bonus. Who remembers Prestel?.

  BT 17:20 11 Mar 2011

Still got one and
48k Spectrum
128k Spectrum
Spectrum +3

and the Sam Coupe which was everything a Spectrum should have been
Standard keyboard
512k paged memory
Better BASIC
Built in disc drive(s)
Better graphics

  jakimo 17:27 11 Mar 2011

Hes designed a newer type of C5,cant find where I read it,but it is an improvement

  Forum Editor 17:47 11 Mar 2011

It may be my imagination, but as time goes on the people who say 'yes, I remember' seem to get fewer.

  ams4127 20:09 11 Mar 2011

I started on the ZX81, lying on the floor typing away.....Lordy, but the hours I wasted.

On to C64 firstly with tape drive (complete with the loading bars) and then with the disc drive which seemed like magic.

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