Remember Frizets??

  peterwil0 13:46 11 Mar 2008

Those spicey little fritters we had during the war for brekkie?? They have disappeared now I believe....and I am in Canada anyway so can not get them.

Been fooling around with something similar trying to copy them but the trouble is I can not really remember the actual taste !

Here's a close as I can get given I am 75 and the memory is no more perfect than it ever was:

Find me at the hot spot with the nick of artapp1948 if you wish to comment directly


2/3 C Left Over Mushie Peas mashed with a fork
1 Large Egg beaten
1 TBS flour
1 1/2 TBS Chick Pea Flour
1 tsp Onion Powder
1/2 tsp ground Cumin
1/2 tsp Celery Salt
Shake of pepper
Milk as needed

Mash the mushies well and add the flours and seasonings and mash and stir together

Add the beaten egg to the mix and mash it in adding a little milk until the mix is just droppable from a spoon.

Beat the mixture well with a fork and drop into shallow fat in a hot frying pan - the mix should just run enough to flatten out...allow to set until you see bubbles on the surface then turn over....repeat the turning if necessary until both sides are nicely browned.

They should be soft with a little crust on the outside

If you wish a little more spice add just 1/2 tsp of good curry paste...I prefer them without as the curry flavour overpowers them too much for my taste.


  €dstowe 18:51 11 Mar 2008

Similar to things I ate as as student - the main difference being no wheat flour but 3TBS gram (chick pea) flour, no egg and no milk, just water.

Just the thing after the pub.

  Bingalau 18:52 11 Mar 2008

Funny how students can't afford food, but can afford to go to the pub isn't it?

  Bingalau 18:53 11 Mar 2008

Delete "Funny" and insert "Strange".

  Legolas 18:56 11 Mar 2008

That's because food is not a necessity whereas drink is ;)

  Earthsea 19:00 11 Mar 2008

Every student knows beer is simply liquid bread, and bread's good for you.

  €dstowe 20:30 11 Mar 2008

It was the union bar - extremely cheap beer there. Also an evening there cost less than staying in the flat as we didn't have to keep feeding money into the gas meter to keep warm.

  laurie53 20:32 11 Mar 2008

I suspect you may be mis-remembering slightly.

Chick pea flour, cumin and celery salt were hardly available during the war, and a precious egg would have been used to create something far more substantial, and long lasting, than a breakfast snack.

  Bingalau 21:14 11 Mar 2008

peterwil0. By my reckoning you must have been only eleven when the war ended. Now I am damned if I can remember frizets at all and we certainly never had them. Mind you I was evacuated and lived of the fat of the land anyway...

I like the excuses of the students about the time spent in the Uni bars. I don't blame you lads, I would have done exactly the same thing. Plus of course you can't meet the female students in your dingy flat can you?

  peterwil0 21:48 11 Mar 2008

You are actually wrong on both mum had both in the pantry although Gana flour was not in the shops she had dozens of spices of all sorts- she was an instructor for ladies for Min of Food teaching how to make cakes etc etc with no eggs or fat etc etc...

HOWEVER....Frizets were a commercial packaged item...mixed with a little milk and fried. They went off the market some years ago and my research suggested they were a pea flour mix.....pea flour is hard to find so my attempt was to copy the taste/texture etc

I was born 1932 actually...age 7 when war broke out and 13+ when it finally ended. We spent many nights in the Anderson shelter half full of water while Teeside got bombed in the early years.

I Joined the RN in Jan 1948 and there was still rationing then as I remember....certainly sweeties...THAT sticks in my mind as well as clothes rationing

Came to Canada in 1968 after my "12" in the RN and qualifying as a teacher in Winchester.


  Bingalau 22:08 11 Mar 2008

Sweeties in the RN? I remember it being called "Nutty" and yes, as I was also paid by the RN we had ration cards for various things in the RN. Do you remember the big bars of Dhoby soap? I think it was about 1956 when sweet rationing ended in the UK. The kids of today would go nuts if they saw the shelves as they were in those days. and vice versa (Vicky Verka in RN speak). Wish I was starting those days all over again, even if I make the same mistakes.

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