remember Allo Allo

  finerty 18:16 17 Aug 2012

For those of you watched Allo Allo, Carmen Silvera who played Edith Melba Artois, René Artois wife passed away on the £rd August 2012.

  finerty 18:19 17 Aug 2012

here is a little taster of Allo Allo Allo Allo

  Aitchbee 19:34 17 Aug 2012

Allo Allo was never 'my cup of tea'...I never once raised a smile whenever I did watch it...but other people were laughing their heads off...Vive La Difference!

Carmen, who passed away recently, will always be fondly remembered by fans of the programme.

  Belatucadrus 20:32 17 Aug 2012

£rd August 2012

Actually 3rd August 2002, Carmen Silvera passed away quite some time ago.

  Bald Eagle 19:43 18 Aug 2012

Yes this got me wondering too! She has indeed been dead a long time! Just had grandson and his half brother staying for a fortnight and when it rained(as it tends to do a lot in Brittany they watched DVDs of Allo Allo. Lots of merriment and they've taken the boxed set back to England.

  zzzz999 11:58 19 Aug 2012

oh come on, surely someone can post a picture of Michelle and her stockings

  Condom 23:22 20 Aug 2012

This got me thinking of René, and a post a week or so ago about someone who got a pole stuck in his head. Didn't the same happen to Gorden Kaye during an accident and I'm sure he almost made a 100% recovery

  Bald Eagle 06:56 21 Aug 2012

If I remember correctly it was a lump of wood that went through his cars windscreen. You can see the scar in later Allo Allo's.

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