Relief, got through OK. Did you?

  Blackhat 00:53 27 Dec 2006

Didn't want to say anything before christmas due to tempting fate etc, but last christmas day was a triple disaster.

1. Woke up to find my all my garden fences laid flat, (father christmas or a gust of wind?)

2. Spent hours on a duck dinner, after 15 years in the same house I finally decided to trip up the step from kitchen to lounge and launched my wifes dinner plumb into her lap, half enjoyed a bacon sandwich while my wife ate my christmas dinner.

3. Late afternoon kip in back bedroom, woken by a rumble thud noise, looked in front bedroom to find half my ceiling on the floor.

No disasters this year for me, how was your christmas?

  rdave13 01:04 27 Dec 2006

With two wee small ones always fighting, a teenager that always grunts, two adult offspring and a grandchild, need you ask? Hectic is not the word. I'd maybe prefer the ceiling falling in. At least that is the end of it!
Absolutely knackered and looking foreward to going back to work...:)
How these ladies can control the little mites is beyond me but they have their magical ways.
This time of day is heaven as it's quiet in the

  rodriguez 01:41 27 Dec 2006

Woke up about 4 in the morning with a belly ache then I went back to sleep about 5 and woke up later feeling ok. Then I went down my mate's house at about half 11 and we went to the pub. Had 1 pint and the belly ache came back so I couldn't stop for long. By the time it was dinner time I was ok so I ate all that and had some Christmas pudding, but then the belly ache came back just before I went back up my mate's house. Had a nice walk up to my mate's house and sat there for a while not wanting to drink anything for half an hour until my belly ache disappeared. Then I started drinking and I felt alright then. No more belly ache and I found I couldn't remember which way to walk home at the end of the night so I asked my mate :-D

  p;3 02:58 27 Dec 2006

you might want to find out what is causing the belly ache........or more than you want might come tumbling down on you too :))

  hijo 03:07 27 Dec 2006

cold/skint & moaning misses apart from that ACE...:-)

  Apron 06:37 27 Dec 2006

Have you got an ulcer?

  laurie53 09:41 27 Dec 2006

See my response to "Is it OK"!

Still feeling thoroughly chilled!


  rodriguez 12:08 27 Dec 2006

The belly ache disappeared on Christmas night and hasn't come back. Either the landlord of the pub needs to clean his pipes or I shouldn't have eaten that pizza the night before. ;-)

  dukeboxhero 12:57 27 Dec 2006

ate to much (thinking of renewing gym membership)
drank far to much and im now suffering apart from that it was great

  Monoux 13:18 27 Dec 2006

Survived-- Now going to the shops to try and get refunds on the unwanted pressies that family have bought for me again. Usual thing what can we get so and so -- spending money on things folks don't want or need just because it's Christmas - Intend to give anything I can get refunded to Cancer Research where it can at least do some good rather than a totally unsuitable and unwanted gift being thrown in a draw and then thrown out a couple of years down the line

  citadel 15:25 27 Dec 2006

There is something to be said for living alone, no presents, no visitors, no hassle.

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