Registry Cleaners

  €dstowe 08:22 06 May 2008

There always seems to be some discussion in other parts of the forum on merits of various registry cleaners.

I've never really understood what a registry cleaner does, apart from what its name suggests. Does this cleaning have any tangible effect on the computer performance or are these cleaners merely for the suicidally inclined which are, in fact, just risk inducing bits of software (like BIOS updates) that place the machine in danger of never working properly again?

Until yesterday, I had never used a registry cleaner but, having an machine I was on the point of decommissioning, I thought I would give the one in Ccleaner a go.

I noted the hard drive space available and ran the cleaner. It found over 1500 "issues" which I "fixed" (I didn't bother backing up as I was going to reformat anyway). There didn't seem to be any useful difference in the available drive space and, from an arbitrary viewpoint, no improvement in performance either.

Rebooted and ran the cleaner again. It found an extra 200+ issues. Fixed them and again there didn't appear to be any improvement anywhere.

Rebooted and ran it for a third time. It found even more things supposedly wrong which, again, I "fixed". No change in performance.

I rebooted again. The machine took an inordinately long time to come to the desk top and then failed to load most of the startup programs - including the A/V and Sygate F/W. Outlook opened and immediately closed as did all other programs that I tried to access. In short, I had wrecked it.

As I mentioned, I wasn't concerned about that particular machine going base over apex (it is now reformatted and running like a dream) but what I am really curious about is what was supposed to have been achieved by this cleaning? It didn't improve performance one bit that I could see so the whole thing seemed pointless.

I only ask because I want to know.

  Grey Goo 08:26 06 May 2008

I think you may have Luddite Genes as C cleaner is usually fairly mild in it's operation.

  Seth Haniel 08:31 06 May 2008

the main purpose of the Registry Cleaner is to clear the unneeded registry links to programs that are no longer on your pc.
In the old days of 'slow' pc's the pc reads all the links as it starts up - so the bonus was a quicker start up on the old pc's.
On modern PC the change in start up speed will probably go unnoticed.

Some of the more dubious registry cleaners 'flag' all temp files etc that are created by the fact that windows has started and that windows deals with in its own way as part of its 'operating'.


  robgf 13:46 06 May 2008

I used to regulary use registry cleaners, but never noticed any real benefit and had the occasional problem after cleaning, so I stopped bothering.

Interestingly, rather than using System Restore, I use a program called Erunt, to backup my registry about once a month.
Checking through the folder of backups, the registry backups vary in size, between 23.5MB and 30.2MB.
But the size varies over time, the latest backup is 25.4MB. Whereas the previous was 26.1MB.
Well, I haven't done a registry clean, so Windows must be sorting it out itself.

  birdface 15:13 06 May 2008

I usually us Winaso Optimizer.[Free]Now this does speed up your computer.It only repairs 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.It also does an automatic back up+Has a registry here.

  jakimo 17:12 06 May 2008

cleaners have always been something of a mystery to me,there isn't any standard to rate such software.

The free versions may do what they claim to do,but run a free scan (but no fix,until you buy cleaner),and endless nasties the free version never spotted will be found..theres plenty of opinions in various forums on the subject,but never any actual facts that can be relied upon. (I use Ccleaner by the way)but only because it has been mentioned in the PCA forums.

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