Registration - not a particular site in mind

  pj123 17:56 18 Apr 2007

but I suppose with the millions of people now on the WWW, it must become difficult to choose a User ID?

I just tried to register and it took me 25 goes to get a User ID that isn't already being used.

I nearly gave up at one point, but I thought, give it one more try. I used "nearlygaveup" and it was accepted.

How do you choose your User ID?

  rodriguez 18:02 18 Apr 2007

Try my usual username for things, if that fails I put the last 4 digits of my phone number on the end. That usually works, but even if that fails I play around by putting in underscores and/or other numbers until it works.

  SB23 18:29 18 Apr 2007

I've often wondered the same thing, thats how I ended up with SB23, its simply my initials and, well now, my old house number.
It always seems to me that the funny, weird, or other names that I come up with are always taken.
I actually feel like changing my name on PCA, but thats another thread, lol.

  SB23 18:43 18 Apr 2007

I tried that one, but couldn't remember them.

  jack 08:30 19 Apr 2007

Well that one nearly always had me stumped because I got the 'already in use' signal from all combinations of normal 'given' names and fictitious ones
Then I had it- a name known by me and only used by me
and no one else-computer wise anyway- can you guess it?

You car index plate

It is registered to you with perhaps other drivers
but not on your computer.

  wee eddie 10:33 19 Apr 2007

I use the Registration Numbers of my old cars, combined with an associated ex-girlfriends name as Passwords. Difficult to guess and the reminder is fairly cryptic as well.

e.g. Spitfire-Tiggy

  wellshgit 11:31 19 Apr 2007

I tried welshgit, but already taken, so added an extra l. Have never seen a posting from welshgit though!

  pj123 11:38 19 Apr 2007

jack, you won't believe this but I tried my car reg number. Guess? "already in use"

Either someone else has the same number as mine, has seen my car somewhere on the road or perhaps, could be a previous owner?

  HondaMan 12:05 19 Apr 2007

admit to this, but I keep a filofax beside my computer will all my information in it, including passwords, login names etc. Its the only way I can remember them. The master list is on a USB drive - well hidden from prying eyes!

  Trademark 12:45 19 Apr 2007

Until recently more than 80% of the users were i work kept their logging details within 2 foot of their pc's!
This included usernames for a vast amount of different sites & with passwords.

  dagbladet 13:46 19 Apr 2007

If you're using Firefox they are listed. Don't know about IE.

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