RonWH 15:53 13 Sep 2006

I take it that I am now one of a select band.
Does anyone else think that the registration process is absolutely appalling? It seems designed to stop people joining. There must be an easier way for those of us who dont have an automatic link through. If I had not got it right first time I woulnt have bothered to try a second time.

  lisa02 15:54 13 Sep 2006

What's that then?

  Sethhaniel 15:58 13 Sep 2006

Try the helproom ;)

Welcome aboard

select band of 197195 and counting ;)

  RonWH 16:05 13 Sep 2006

Just counted. Exactly 100 clicks to confirm. Now got finger fatigue.

  1minute 16:45 13 Sep 2006

You could click on the "Contact Forum Editor" above your post and pass on your findings to him.

  RonWH 16:52 13 Sep 2006

Its not the first bit that is the problem. It is when you dont have an automatic link in the e-mail that follows. Instead of one click to confirm it is the 100 clicks that is the problem.
1,s can be confused with I,s and 0,s can be confused with o,s

  silverous 17:47 13 Sep 2006

"absolutely appalling" seems a bit harsh considering the large number of visitors who have not had this problem - evidence by the responses above e.g. "what's that then" and "I fail to see the problem".

Not sure how you managed to click 100 times, I don't recall that and I'm sure I would have done.

  lisa02 17:58 13 Sep 2006

I asked that because he did not mention who his problem was with. Kind of a shock, to me, that it's PCA considering almost two hundred thousand registrations have been successful.

As far as I remember:

Step 1. enter name, email and user id/password

click next

step 2. is research panel

click next to skip it.

step 3. your address and agree to terms.

click register me!

Go to email and click the link, or copy and paste it into url bar. Enter your password and click ok and you're done.

To me that's a few clicks and a dozen or so presses of the tab key aswell as the data to be entered.

  1minute 18:21 13 Sep 2006

The words Care in the Community come's to mind/

  1minute 18:22 13 Sep 2006

if you feel strongly about this then You should contact the Forum Editor, for he will, i'm sure be able to help you. Good Luck.

  Amyfa 18:25 13 Sep 2006

There was no need for that remark 1minute. Just because you didn't have a problem it dont mean to say someone else didn't. Sorry but that is just rude.

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