Region problems

  Charence 12:47 20 Mar 2009

Our PM cannot watch his DVDs due to region locking :)

click here

  johndrew 13:48 20 Mar 2009

I like the title of the piece `Gordon Brown is frustrated by 'Psycho' in No 10`


  BT 16:38 20 Mar 2009

About time he splashed out and bought himself a new DVD player. All mine play both UK and US discs. OK I had to get a hack for the cheapo Tescos one but now its quite happy with PAL and NTSC discs.

  newman35 18:53 20 Mar 2009

On the John Stewart show, the American presenter mocked Obama for his gift of videos when our man had presented him with a penholder made form wood taken from the sister ship that made the Presidential desk.
A lot of Americans seemed to see it as a snub to the UK and were not too happy about it.

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