reducing UK carbon by 90%?????

  lofty29 14:20 09 Sep 2009

I saw on the news this morning that it is being said that the UK needs to reduce its carbon emmisions by 90% to aviod "climate change", I will be honest and I am very sceptical on the entire climate change theory, and it is only a theory, I know others believe it implicitly, and respect their views, but 90% are we all supposed to live in wigwams and walk everywhere, and do we really believe that everyone else is going to reduce theirs by the same amount.

  interzone55 14:52 09 Sep 2009

This is a 50 year goal, and we don't know what technological innovations will happen in the next few years to help towards the goal.

Look at a typical family car as an example, since the introduction a catalytic converters the emissions have dropped dramatically, and fuel economy has risen as well. My 1980 Mini would struggle to achieve more than 30mpg (I used to average around 220 miles out of the 7 gallon tank, I once completely ran out of fuel with 225 on the trip counter) but a new Mini with a bigger, more powerful engine easily gets more than 50 to the gallon.

Similar systems are soon to be fitted to Power Station chimneys to capture the CO2 and filter it out for disposal.

Jet engines are gradually becoming more economical, the A380 uses less fuel than a Boeing 747 (8.7 US gallons per mile as opposed to 10.6 US gallons per mile).

But the biggest factor in the reduction of carbon emissions will be when we run out of oil...

  oresome 15:09 09 Sep 2009

My 1965 mini did well over 40mpg although I don't imagine the emmissions were all that clean.

The problem with relying on technology alone is that it works two ways...........machines are made to work more efficiently, but they are also manufactured more efficiently and become more affordable and more widely used as a result, countering any savings.

  kidsis 16:29 09 Sep 2009

When I read the report about the 90% reduction by 2050 it said it was so that the aircraft industry could grow. It's unlikely that it will affect me at that date, but why can't we just accept that it will be impossible to reach that goal? All any of us can do is our best.

  interzone55 17:28 09 Sep 2009

Did it average over 40mpg?

I used to regularly drive from north Manchester to Selly Oak in Birmingham, a round trip of 220 miles.

With mostly Motorway driving at around 60mph I would normally have around half a gallon left when I got home, but once ran out, luckily the engine cut out about 50 yards from the filling station I was heading for...

  lofty29 17:53 09 Sep 2009

Seems to me that your car, in order to achieve the target, would have to do 450 miles to the gallon.

  oresome 18:11 09 Sep 2009

There were few motorways in 1965. The original mini had an 850cc engine and a top speed of around 72mph. It was positively thirsty after the 700cc Reliant Regal, weighing less than 8cwt that it replaced, but it did exceed 40 mpg. The Reliant did nearer 60mpg.

  spuds 18:33 09 Sep 2009

We keep hearing about all these scientific facts and theories, on global warming and climate change. But when local council's cannot jointly agree on the best methods of refuse disposal, it really makes you wonder if the experts have got their act together!.

Seeing all the forest areas (which is part of carbon filteration)around the world being 'vandalised', and no action plans for prevention or support is forthcoming from the more expert nations, then again, what or who is to blame!.

  oresome 09:55 10 Sep 2009

This is a link to a different take on the carbon reduction issue, one which actually addresses the core problem........that there are too many of us.

click here

  interzone55 15:51 10 Sep 2009

Increases in battery technology will mean that's a distinct possibility, but then we run into a second problem - we're currently using around 40,000 tonnes more lithium than we can extract per year...

  interzone55 15:51 10 Sep 2009

Not sure the pope will agree with that...

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