Reducing car emissions in the EU-are we selfish?

  anskyber 17:59 19 Dec 2007

Is the time up for larger cars and is the EU right to push down on the levels of CO2?

This report click here sets out the background. Given that the majority seem not to worry about climate change even in the light of a strong world wide consensus of leading scientists should we just not bother? In the long term we are all dead so who needs to worry about those who come after us?

  DrScott 18:25 19 Dec 2007

which propoganda you read and which you believe.

Personally, reducing the CO2 of a few cars will barely make the smallest of dents in climate issues, whether CO2 is a the main problem or not.

A huge plug in the all the world's volcanoes on the other hand...

  g0nvs 19:13 19 Dec 2007

CO2, emmissions, carbon footprint erc etc. don't make me laugh, this is just another way of squeezing more tax out of the motorist.

  realist 19:23 19 Dec 2007

All the time that low CO2 = reduced VED (in my case £35 pa) I'm all for it.

  45 Mart 20:38 19 Dec 2007

Don't forget, some people need bigger cars, and have no option.

  interzone55 21:49 19 Dec 2007

OK then, explain to me why someone needs a 7 seater 4x4 to take 2 children to primary school less than a mile away.

Angela Merkal is moaning about this because Germany will be "unfairly" penalised under this legislation. Oh why is it unfair, because the germany has 3 gar makers, two of which only produce hugely power automobiles. Oh what a shame. It's time Mercedes especially realised that there is no place for 500hp 6 & 1/2 litre cars anymore

  FungusBoggieman 21:58 19 Dec 2007

OK then, explain to me why someone needs a 7 seater 4x4 to take 2 children to primary school less than a mile away.

I think people have the choise to drive what they want as they have paid for it,and are paying in hirer charges like I doe i.e tax and so on. my automobile is a gas guzzeler/ so what I go to work in it less than 3 miles away( an yes I also have a muntain bike) then drive a german made lorry all day doing multi drop.

  jakimo 22:20 19 Dec 2007

"so who needs to worry about who comes after us"

Well I do for start,my children,grandchildren, and their future offspring,thats who I worry about.

  45 Mart 23:02 19 Dec 2007

"OK then, explain to me why someone needs a 7 seater 4x4 to take 2 children to primary school less than a mile away."

You're changing my words to fit into something else. I said some people have no choice to driving around in a big car. My brother has 6 kids, show him a small car that will fit them all in. I pull a large caravan about and British Law states I have to have a car that weighs more than my 1½ ton caravan, and before you all start slagging me off about the caravan, I've had it 20 years, and also had the land rover to drag it for the same length of time. Yes it's a gas guzzler, but have I cut down on pollution caused in the manufacture of cars by not ruinning out and buying a new one every couple of years.

Governments all over the world are using green issues to hide behind and as an excuse for raising taxes on people.

Also by raising taxes, most of the time, they hurt the wrong people. Hitting big cars just to get them off the road will never work. The people who get hurt are the ones who can only just afford to run there cars (such as my brother), but the ones who dont care are the ones who earn enough not to give a damm.

  bluto1 23:03 19 Dec 2007

You are spot on. The problem will still be here in 30 years time, whether we like it or not as we in Britain seem to be the only country doing anything about it.
I read anskybers parting remark as a needle to get people reading and writing about this problem and whether we like it or not we've got to get the rest of the world doing the same as we are, and that includes the very wasteful Americans, or those that follow us have got nothing.

  anskyber 23:07 19 Dec 2007

Should we encourage the EU, or our Government to make car manufacturers build fuel efficient and low CO2 cars?

Surely that is better isn't it? Does it not enable those (few?) who really need large cars to own them without the environmental effects?

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