Red Dwarf is back!

  WhiteTruckMan 21:13 08 Apr 2009

click here

I've got until friday to figure out how the heck I program the video recorder.


  Kev.Ifty 21:31 08 Apr 2009

I was going to post a similar thread but thought no one would be interested and it would just end up as one of those 'Tumbleweed' threads ;-)

I am looking forward to the new show on Dave. Anyone that isn't, imho, is a Smeee... Heee...

Cheers WhiteTruckMan for the post.

click here a little bit extra info

PS Bank holiday Monday! Another chance to see it...

  dagnammit 21:41 08 Apr 2009

been lookin forward to this for weeks!

  WhiteTruckMan 21:46 08 Apr 2009

Are you kidding? I've followed it since first broadcast.

Who can forget such gems as "This is an SOS from the mining ship red dwarf.......We've been cruising through the galaxy for three million years now and have discovered that man is the highest form of life. The lowest form of life is a man who works for the post office!"


  Demora 22:15 08 Apr 2009

I shall be videoing this.

Can't wait.


  Kev.Ifty 22:50 08 Apr 2009

Me to. I love Red Dwarf. I have a Bsc. lol

Still looking for the bloke that had the Roverostomy.


Roll om Friday.

Dr Who Saturday on BBC1 and also that new thing on Sky...

Skellig. With whats his face? Tim Roth... looking forward to that also.

Smoke me a kipper............

  WhiteTruckMan 22:55 08 Apr 2009

And an SSc.

Lickety spit!


  SB23 22:55 08 Apr 2009

I know, and I can't wait.

I will ignore my wife who is politely reminding me of my age, and that I now have a family, and not to be acting so child like.

I don't care, coz Red Dwarf is back!


  Kev.Ifty 23:26 08 Apr 2009

A little Pre delectation Howard Goodall's Theme click here


  Forum Editor 23:41 08 Apr 2009

Perhaps I'm the only one who thinks the programme is rather juvenile and badly scripted.

  perpetual motion 23:48 08 Apr 2009

in 2001 i met Craig Charles, he was best man for a wedding that was in a hotel i used to work in, he is truley AMAZING!!

Very polite & very smooth, we got on like house on fire! i showed him to his room with a rather large (Tall) blonde woman, i upgraded him cause he was so polite to the staff NOT cause of who he is & he truley appreciated it.

Great Man!!
I love the show as well!!

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