Red Arrow crashes at Bournemouth Air Festival

  TopCat® 15:20 20 Aug 2011

Description of events at plane crash More news later on condition of pilot, etc. TC.

  TopCat® 15:48 20 Aug 2011

The team gave an evening display here in Cornwall at the Fowey Regatta last Thursday. We watched from a prime spot anchored just outside the mouth of the river in the son-in-law's boat.

The team gave a very restricted display because of reduced visibility, dull conditions and low cloud. They were flying so low down the river at one point that I became worried one or more of the many frightened gulls wheeling about in the sky could have been close enough to be sucked into an engine. I think Red Leader may have noticed them as well because their passes became much higher than before!

No doubt these Hawk display aircraft are maintained to an exceptionally high standard btu even so I think maybe the team perform too many daily displays, especially at this time of year.

What's your opinion on this? TC.

  rdave13 16:16 20 Aug 2011

I think it's good training for the pilots. Unfortunately things happen. Hope the pilot's OK.

  Al94 16:30 20 Aug 2011

Unconfirmed reports that the pilot was dragged from a river by passers by, but no official "pilot ejected safely" which isn't good.

  hssutton 18:59 20 Aug 2011

There's a photo in the Mail on-line showing a crashed plane in a field with the following statement "An RAF Red Arrows pilot was killed today when an aerobatic display plane crashed after performing at an air show in Bournemouth"

  Al94 19:30 20 Aug 2011
  TopCat® 19:51 20 Aug 2011

Just my opinion on what I've seen so far, but I think the plane developed an engine malfunction and the pilot tried to recover from it. Why he didn't eject remains a mystery but I think he was probably just too low.

All this is supposition I know and the facts will be released in due course. In the meantime I expect the RAs to be grounded until this inquiry has concluded and its findings known.

What a tragic loss of a team mate in the prime of his life. My sympathies go to them and to the young man's family. TC.

  morddwyd 19:58 20 Aug 2011

The footage I saw indicated that the pilot had plenty of time to eject.

No reports of houses in the area, I wonder if he was incapacitated, or the seat failed?

Aside from the devastation to his family, a worrying time for the seat engineers.

My last tour was in charge of a ejection seat servicing bay (Lossiemouth) and if you lost an aircraft plus a pilot you were sick to your stomach until the reports came in (not the official enquiry, but the blokes on the ground at the scene).

  Al94 20:04 20 Aug 2011
  Woolwell 20:35 20 Aug 2011

TopCat® the ejection seat is zero/zero.

Rather than speculate I think we will have to wait for the accident investigators to report.

  Al94 21:19 20 Aug 2011

Speculation is inevitable, having seen the video I would not be suprised if GLOC is the reason for this accident

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