Recycling Tips

  realist 21:43 30 May 2007

We are about to be plunged back into the Dark Ages with two-weekly bin collections.

How does the "recycling" bin get filled-up, we are wondering.

Do we simply chuck anything that can be recycled in the one bin or do we have to sort it in some way?

We also have to help our elderly neighbour with her bin and I wonder how the council would manage if we didn't do it for her!

Anyone using a "Green Cone" to get rid of kitchen waste?

  wee eddie 21:49 30 May 2007

There is a very neat thingy that fits under the sink, in the waste pipe, it's blades liquidise food waste.

  realist 21:55 30 May 2007

There's also a gadget to crush cans and jars, plastic etc down to a quarter of their volume but it costs £630!
click here

  daisy2bell 21:57 30 May 2007

Anyone using a "Green Cone" to get rid of kitchen waste?

Yep. We throw all vegetable and fruit waste in there. You can also put in egg shells crushed (but clean the shells out completly before adding)
The cardboard from toilet and kitchen towel rolls, certain weeds and hedge clippings, lawn clippings.
Have a look at this site
click here
is this allowed?

  Brumas 22:00 30 May 2007

Bring back The Wombles is what I say ;o))
Sorry, I just couldn't resist it. I'll be more serious in future, I promise!!

  realist 22:08 30 May 2007

Uncle Bulgaria could be Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
I'd vote for that.

  BRYNIT 22:30 30 May 2007

Some councils will collect the bins from the house if the person is incapable due to disability or age. Contact your council or check the council web page.

  realist 22:32 30 May 2007

And they'll get together, and sort out, all her rubbish for her....I don't think so

  hzhzhzhz 22:36 30 May 2007

Put food waste in a liquidiser,then simmer for 30 mins. yummmmmmmm.

  citadel 23:10 30 May 2007

on the news tonight there was a private bin wagon in an area that has gone to two week collections, they take your stuff away for £90 a year.

  Quickbeam 08:26 31 May 2007

We've been on the fortnightly collections for a couple of months now. We manage by doing what we used to do when 1 black bag was the weekly allowance... crush all cornflake boxes, drinks bottles etc by standing on them and taking bulky items to the 'dumpit' site.

When the wheelie bins came along we all very quickly started to just throw in packaging 'as is', & then got used to the idea that we could stick the odd broken Hoover, ironing board, kitchen sink, etc, in as well!

Why...? Because the wheelie bin had 4 times the volume of a black bag.

Councils over the years have lost the 'moment' regarding fornightly collections. They should have done it 15+ years ago, when the first wheelie bins arrived. Now a generation has grown up and bought houses expecting a weekly garage clearance to be available.

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