Recycling & council's Double Standards..

  barca1 09:18 13 May 2008

On the way to the local "TIP" yesterday & i noticed a line of Skip lorries waiting to empty there skips in a HUGE warehouse, When we finally got ot the part for the public/HouseHold items i noticed that for Household things there was everything segragated into there own bins like "Glass" in one huge square skip & "Wood" in another then "Metal" in another & so on, then came the worrying part we noticed the Lorry skips waiting to be emptied was just simply "Backing Up" then emptying there load & off they went BUT this wasnt what worried me, What was worrying is that the rubbish from the skips was then simply loaded into HUGE Sqaure bins then taken to "Landfill"..?? there was no sign of anyone searching through them or a machine been used to see if any of it caould be saved or Recycled...This is terrible the Council throws as much if not more rubbish then we do & whilst they are Super Quick to throw fine's out to people that DONT recycle there Black Bins (Household) they simply have Double Standards...WHY..?

  barca1 09:44 13 May 2008

Yep i asked one of the workers there where there taking them...Nuff said realy..

  interzone55 10:25 13 May 2008

Where had the rubbish in these trucks come from?

You can't say that it's council double standards if the council isn't the source of the waste...

  barca1 10:32 13 May 2008

alan14 the rubbish was from skips that you or i hire from companies (Household), the reason i stated the council has double standards is that they know where the rubbish has come from & is going as its a Council owned & run "Tip"..

  Cymro. 11:06 13 May 2008

I have grave doubts about the whole business of recycling. What is the net affect of it all? By the time you calculate the carbon footprint of all plastic boxes to put our plastics etc. in and all the diesel and pollution of the lorries that come round to collect the stuff for recycling is it really all that environmentally friendly?

If it was all done exactly as it should be done then I dare say there would be some value in it. But the councils must take the whole of the public with them on this. If people start to doubt the worth of such recycling then they will not cooperate and such schemes will be even more useless.

I think it would be very much better to cut down on such waste at its source, the supermarket and the factories. We don`t need so much packaging in the first place. What about the time when all beer milk and pop bottles had a deposit on them and so we always made sure that they were returned to the shop.

A rethink is necessary not just on the best way to recycle but on a way to reduce the amount of waste that we produce in the first place.

  interzone55 11:24 13 May 2008


Recycling is not to reduce carbon emissions (which is a crock) but to stop the limited landfill sites from filling up quite so quickly.


So the waste was household and business waste, in hired skips. How exactly is the council guilty of double standards? It's not their rubbish, it's not their skips or vehicles.

Would you pay the extra council tax needed to employ people to sort the waste? No, you'd take the fees that the companies pay to dump the rubbish at the council waste depot.

  Cymro. 11:40 13 May 2008

"Recycling is not to reduce carbon emissions"
True enough, but the point about reducing waste at its source the supermarket and the factory is still a valid one.

  barca1 12:04 13 May 2008

alan14 its the councils duty to disspose of the waste acordingly, they charge skip companies a bomb do disspose of it & as you would of thought they do that in a nature that they tell the public to do RECYCLE...

But there not....

  Coffee Adict 12:24 13 May 2008

It may be what you saw was the end product of a skip companys process. I find it hard to believe that skip ccmpanys don't make something on the side by sifting through their skips.
I see fully loaded skips going back to the depot not the council site (wrong direction) so assumed this to be so.

On the subject of councils, I think a lot is for show, to avoid been fined by the Government, I think they are set targets, but it appears to be the bare minimum they can get away with.

  Quickbeam 12:40 13 May 2008

"they charge skip companies a bomb
It's called landfill tax and the idea is to make it unattractive for people to send stuff to landfill."

In effect 'landfill tax' creates fly tipping and that costs more to clear up than allowing unrestricted dumping would.

Like all the 'green taxes', I remain sceptical of any real benefit to anyone one other than the government that wastes it somewhere else in the system.

  spuds 19:29 13 May 2008

Most of the general public are unaware of council's who still use methods of landfill. Our local council have a daily convoy of lorries travelling 60 miles each way, so as to dump surplus waste, which the new and multi £million pound recycling plant cannot cope with.

Yet this same council thinks nothing about spending a small fortune, in educating people about the wrongs regarding waste products and disposal.

At the same time, our council also manages to close the public recycling depots at weekends, when to many people turn up and are having to queue for spaces. Easy answer- Shut the gates and put the Closed sign up.I wonder how much of that waste ends up in a country lane or some dark corner of a field.

As the title suggests 'Double Standards', but you try telling a council or councillor that.

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