Record prices

  iqs 07:25 15 May 2012

Hi, I have 100's of records from the 60,s to the 80's and was wondering where I could find out wht there worth before selling. Can you help please. Thank you

  morddwyd 07:32 15 May 2012

See what they're selling for on e-bay

  carver 07:41 15 May 2012

It all depends on condition of the cover, is it still in the original cover, is the record scratched, who is the singer, is it a 78/45/LP.

You have so many variables, have a look here enter link description here and scroll down to Most valuable records and see if you have any of them.

  Aitchbee 07:59 15 May 2012

iqs - this previous post might be helpful:-

...good luck.

  spuds 11:37 15 May 2012

Most large cities have fairly regular Record/CD fairs or outlets, so it might pay to check that out. You might even have an old record store or market stall in your midst, but having said that, our local city has lost over the past few months, two of our long established outlets due to failing business and retirements.

Going by the local recycling depot and a women car-booter who lives near to me,the old records have very low value (from 5p each), but some of the charity shops still seem to want 50p/£1.00 for them, with sometimes special offer of 4 for a £1.00, when they are taking up storage space. If you have a particular 'collectable' that someone really wants, then you might be in look. Check eBay or do a website search.

I often purchase very good condition and various addition release CD's from Amazon for 1p plus £1.26 postage, so I would hate to think what the trade pays for these, when and where they obtain their supplies?.

  Condom 17:18 15 May 2012


It is not all doom and gloom so be very careful about what you throw away especially if it is vinyl. I have many LP's from the 60's which are worth a lot of money so you really need to look into what you have before disposing of any of them. Even some very popular LP's like Sgt Pepper can be worth over £100 if you have the right version and it is in good condition.

  Blackhat 17:39 15 May 2012

Last year I inherited many hundreds of vinyl LP’s when my brother past away, like yours 60’s-80’s. I had the same issue of trying to get good value from them, it was not easy. There are quite a few dealers in the west midlands and none were interested in paying more that 50p per disc no matter what it was. I put them on ebay in the end as a job lot and just two collector/dealers showed any interest. Did get a fair price in the end but unless you have a real gem to sell on its own you might not as get much as some collectors books will tell you.

  Aitchbee 17:40 15 May 2012

I buy lp's from charity shops...a good tip is to take the record out of the sleeve and look at the labelled area near the central hole...if no squiggly lines are observed, then it's a good 'un, and not been placed too often on the previous owner's record player.

  iqs 08:10 18 May 2012

Hi all, Thanks for the help so far.i paid a visit to a few record stores,they werent interested in any of them.there was Beatles ,led zeppelin ,frank Zappa etc,I was shocked when they didn't offer an estimate . I will look out for some record fairs in my area. Many thanks again

  interzone55 09:36 18 May 2012

List the Zappa stuff on Ebay - there's plenty of Zappa collectors out there.

The Beatles stuff will be worthless unless it's a rarity, there's simply too much out there.

I've seen good quality Led Zeppelin vinyl sell for double figures.

Dealers will only buy what they think they can sell in their particular market, and things go in and out of fashion. I've got a fully autographed Happy Monday's radio promo CD single, only about 100 made. At one point I was offered £100 for it, but a few years ago when I moved house I looked into raising some cash and was only offered £2.50 for it, so it's still taking up space in my CD rack until the time is right (I was waiting for one of the band to buy the farm, always a useful way to temporarily push up prices. As the late great Anthony H Wilson (Mondays label boss) said "Ian's [Curtis] death was the best thing that happened to Factory Records")

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