Is this a record.

  jimv7 21:22 28 Jul 2006

I was called out to sort a computer out today, (win xp pro) with nod 32 anti-virus, which was not running.

The symptoms, puter would start then seconds into the final loading of the desktop would restart.

Started in safe mode, manually double clicked on nod 32 and ran it.

Nod found 3 worms, the worst was win 32 krepper worm infecting 72,391 files, needless to say, that was the last time windows ran untill the reinstall.

A repair would not work, but all the important files and photo's were on the 2nd drive.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:06 28 Jul 2006


nowhere near :0)

when you are regularly cleaning teenage girls PCs after chat rooms /ringtone and screen saver site visits with either no antimal or antivirus or not updated for the last 3 years.

I have seen over 200,000 infected fles on one PC running soooo slow and took days to clean because all thier college work was on the drives and could not afford to reformat and loose it.

  Forum Editor 23:09 28 Jul 2006

that have so many virus infections it's a miracle they even run at all.

It's very common, particularly on machines owned by teenage boys.

  Kate B 23:19 28 Jul 2006

I honestly think there should be a short course taught in schools on looking after your computer. I've had to de-crap a few computers in my time, but nothing on that scale.

  Jimmy14 23:24 28 Jul 2006

I know alot of my friends who don't understand the concept of protection against threats online e.g spyware and viruses. I am a teenager and have my laptop equipped with Norton Internet Security 2006 installed which I update regularly and run full system scans, Spybot (Search and Destroy) which also gets updated and ran regularly. I take security into consideration and understand it's very important whilst connected to the internet and using a computer. Young people should be educated on online security then maybe their computers wouldn't be terribly slow and ready to break which I have came across peoples in that condition.


  josie mayhem 01:30 29 Jul 2006

I wish my lot where like you...

Keeping my kids computer up and runing is a real nightmare, because when it crahes they've never changed anything or downloaded anything, I find the worst colprits for spyware is what you would think as a good site....

But I do sort and keep a eye on a friends sons computer, who even though he is a adult does have learning difficulties, so I save a lot of embarisment for his parents.... I turn the blind eye because at the end of the day, he isn't watching anything ilegal, you just need to be broad minded... So in the case of my friends son I am constantly tendering to his computer....

Best bit, or should I say I have a sence of hummer!! he can ring me at any time of the day or night!!!! He has no sence of time, so whhen his computer goes down I can recieve a phone call for help at any time of the day or night....

  Jimmy14 02:17 29 Jul 2006

I thank my primary school for having a computer suite and learning me when I was young to use the internet and basic applications then it progressed as I moved into Secondary school to programming, GPP's, Intermediate Knowledge of Windows especially Xp and a General Knowledge of Mac os x which I did when I went on a summer academy to university I used a mac for video editing on I-movie, made my own music on Garageband. Going along I just learned about security and viruses. Another thing to mention is good tips and tricks, alot of how to's and step by steps in Pc Advisor magazine which I buy regularly so that gives me some information too.


  jimv7 11:46 29 Jul 2006

Ah well, its a record for me more than doubling my last badly ifested computer.

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