Recognition for members that help other

  Koochy 01:53 28 Feb 2007

Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on a little token of recognition for members of the PCA forums who offer good free advice to others.

What i am suggesting is maybe once a month someone at PCA towers is given the task of picking someone who they think has given a lot of help in that month and sending them a small gift maybe a tee shirt or a pen or something along those lines, Then once a year pick out one of the 12 members and send them a nice Christmas present i.e. a years free subscription or a piece of software or something to that effect.

I know that the majority of people using this forum do so with no false illusions of fame and probably have never even thought about the free help they give out daily but i for one am very gratefull to all the members here not only for money they have saved me but for just giving up their own valuable time to help me.

I may get shot down in flames for this so i think i will keep the hose pipe handy.


  anskyber 09:56 28 Feb 2007

A nice idea, but not one that I agree with.

Like you I have seen some really helpful people who have solved many a problem for others. There are so many reasons why they do it, altruism, kindness, boredom, time on their hands, perhaps.

I have also seen some who are only here for perhaps an hour or two now and again. More than one of the less frequent visitors has brought a great deal to the table, particularly in terms of skill in dealing with a complex issue.

It seems to me the ethos of the place is for all to be helped and for all to have the opportunity to help. I actually think any award however little or even as a token gesture could disappoint many others; in a way to feel unrecognised, it's the way humans react. To that extent it would be counterproductive.

So no, I'm not sending the exocet in your direction, you can coil up the hosepipe, I'm just uneasy about the whole idea.

  Bingalau 10:05 28 Feb 2007

Maybe give them permission to place a star alongside their nick-name? or even a series of stars. Then Gandalf and Co., could end up looking like an American General. ..Bingalau..

  Ho-Lin-Sok 10:07 28 Feb 2007

Nice idea but as anskyber concludes in a far nicer way than I would have put it, you have to face the fact that not everyone can handle the thought of one person getting a bit more attention than somebody else.

  €dstowe 10:39 28 Feb 2007

Remember that a lot of people here are anonymous and have no desire for their true identities to be known either to forum members or to PCA. There is no absolute requirement for PCA membership details to be truthful and I certain many of them are not. I know my own personal details are way, way out of date and I don't see any pressing need to alter them.

With that in mind, any physical prize on the lines of what you suggest may not be appreciated in the way it is intended.

  Koochy 10:51 28 Feb 2007

Okay guys i see what you are saying i never actually thought about it like that,

anskyber thank you for your diplomatic way of putting your point across and thanks for not sending the exocet but i think i will just keep hold of the hosepipe for now.

Bingalau i agree with what you are saying and yet again very well put.


  crosstrainer 11:14 28 Feb 2007

Do any of us really want to look like American generals? I agree with anskeyber on this all contributions are valuable, and I don't feel that any one individual should be treated differently from another.

  crosstrainer 11:15 28 Feb 2007

Sorry anskyber

  Pine Man 11:57 28 Feb 2007

This isn't the first time that this proposal has been made and, if I remember correctly, there wasn't much support last time for most of the above reasons.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:55 28 Feb 2007

A simple "thanks" from the person helped is all that is needed.

  €dstowe 13:18 28 Feb 2007

"A simple "thanks" from the person helped is all that is needed."

Frequently even that is not forthcoming, unfortunately.

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