Reclaiming Land

  Bingalau 20:32 03 Apr 2008

I've been looking at satellite maps etc., of my old haunts and it suddenly struck me, that if a place like Singapore can reclaim land from the sea to make their island bigger, Hong-Kong can build a huge airport by enlarging a few islands. Why can't this island do the same? It seems we have an abundance of waste products and nowhere to get rid of it all. Surely we could kill two birds with one stone... I know there would be huge engineering problems. But if they can build a bridge from Liverpool to the Isle of Man. (envisaged I believe) Why not use all the rubbish for coastal defence against erosion.

  wiz-king 21:40 03 Apr 2008

Nice thought - too many environmentalists to allow it to happen.

Dump rubbish in the sea -- next you will be saying use the sand for making sand (and cement) castles.

  peg 22:08 03 Apr 2008

you could use them as coastal defence but only if there IS too many

  Forum Editor 23:07 03 Apr 2008

you're seriously suggesting that we should dump 'waste products' into the sea.

  lotvic 23:51 03 Apr 2008

and I can't believe you want to throw stones at the birds to kill them unless it's at those darn pidgeons and wooddoves that are coo-ing all the time - that would be okay I think (as they are driving me crackers)

  sunny staines 10:10 04 Apr 2008

reclaiming land depends on the continental shelf, i think we are ok as its not near our coast lines.

this idea was mentioned for a big airport near the thames estuary a few years ago, good idea but objections on the effect on seagulls blocked it.
not sure if it was their nesting area or the amount that would be shreaded in aircraft engines.

  Noels 10:13 04 Apr 2008

Was I believe expanded (doubled in size?) using all sorts of in-fill material

  lofty29 12:20 04 Apr 2008

Why not burn the waste in wast-to-energy plants and use the clinker

  Bingalau 16:43 04 Apr 2008

Noels. Why didn't they just keep going around the coast bit by bit and gradually reclaim an area to stop the sea eroding our famous white cliffs? FE. I didn't suggest dumping all waste products in the sea. I spent a lot of time under the sea and loved it. So I certainly wouldn't want to spoil that part of the environment for others. But if a wall could be built say a quarter of a mile off shore running parallel to the coastline in the areas of the vulnerable parts, then filled in with suitable waste such as the building waste already suggested on here. It would be somewhere to get shut of that particular waste and help defend the coast against erosion. It may well be a stupid idea and probably not the first time it's been suggested either. Maybe that's why it's never been done. But I can't see why some countries can reclaim land and we can't. Or is perhaps that the Scots have taken all our money? OOoooh!! Now I am for the high jump.

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