Rechargable Batteries-Not Enviromentaly Freindly!

  perpetual motion 08:45 17 Mar 2009

I put my Cordless Drill on charge last night & waited till it had charged (One hour quick charge) The drill is 5 months old & with Very little use & its a decent make (Dewalt 18Volt) So just before i went to bed (12:20pm) i did the usual rota that we do & made sure the windows was locked & doors closed (In case of a fire) then then switched the drill charger off as it was a green light so it was 100% fully charged,

This morning (07:30) i made a cuppa & for some reason decided i should plug the drill charger on as id forgot i had charged it the night before, after about 25 mins i had gone back into the kitchen & seen the charger STILL on RED meaning it needed charging then i had realised that i'd had it on charge the night before & i was shocked on how much the battery had displaced its charge!!

Surely thats not good all round for the Enviroment & our pockets.?

So i thought it must of displaced around 45-55% of its charge overnight.?

A similar thing happened on my other cordless which is a Black & decker 18 Volt a few weeks ago which i had too use when my dewalt was out of charge so is this common thing if so WHY?

Can the companies not get there head's around this as its costing us all money.?

  canarieslover 09:03 17 Mar 2009

The major problem with rechargeable battery powered tools is the lack of use that the average person gives them. The batteries are OK for someone who is using the tools on a regular basis, and have a good life as they get a complete discharge before rechargeing. For the average DIY person they rarely get comletely discharged except when left for long periods without use, or they get charged when only partly discharged. None of this treatment is good for the battery so they have a relatively short life in the hands of Mr DIY. I have suffered exactly the same way as you have with power tools but still buy and use them as I need and like the convenience of not having to have mains power available everywhere I have a drilling job to do. It doesn't seem to matter how much you pay for the tools the batteries are all afflicted the same.

  carver 09:10 17 Mar 2009

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  oresome 09:10 17 Mar 2009

Rechargeable batteries work well with items that are in use constantly and you maintain the correct charge.

Like you, every time I need the screwdriver or drill, the batteries are discharged. It's the same with my wife's camera.

Rechargeable batteries are much more reliable as individual cells. When they are combined in series to form a higher voltage battery, individual cells are prone to becoming reverse polarised within the battery when it is allowed to become too discharged as the discharge current/voltage curve varies slightly from cell to cell.

  jack 09:52 17 Mar 2009

is probably better off if removed from the device.
Certainly this is what I do with my B&D drill now 10years old and seldom used - Battery off when put away.
I also trained my late wife to place a strip of paper over the bottom contacts of her Digi Cam then shutting the chamber cover - like wise the battery remains inactive
Seems to work more life from a couple of AA cells int his ancient [7 year old] Olympus - dragged out twice a year at most.

  wiz-king 10:35 17 Mar 2009

It may be because you left the battery in the charger. Some chargers work by measuring the voltage across the battery and have a limiting transistor with a foldback circuit to limit over current, to do this there must be a drain resistor across the battery so if you leave the battery in the charger it will go flat.

  interzone55 12:45 17 Mar 2009

A good charge will discharge the battery fully before starting a charge cycle.

Unfortunately few chargers include the discharge circuit, as it adds expense.

My Braun shaver includes a discharge circuit in the cleaning base, so every 10th charge cycle the shaver is fully discharged.

After 2 years the battery is still as good as new and lasts a fortnight without needing a charge...

  peter99co 13:20 17 Mar 2009

I have recently bought a Drill which has a Lithium battery and I can now charge anytime unlike NiCad which has to be discharged before recharge

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