Receipts in shops

  interzone55 19:03 05 Jan 2010

Today my wife bought a couple of things for work from a pound shop (not Poundland, an independent) and asked for a receipt.

The response was "we're a poundshop, we don't give receipts"

I thought shops were required by law to issue a receipt on request even if everything is only a pound...

  morddwyd 20:29 05 Jan 2010

I think they have to keep a record of receipts for tax reasons, but I'm not sure they have to actually issue them.

  canarieslover 20:42 05 Jan 2010

My local ones actually have a notice up that says something about making certain you get receipt and offers an incentive for reporting lack of receipt. I can't remember the exact wording as I'm always 'chomping at the bit' to get out of any shop.

  interzone55 21:01 05 Jan 2010

I found this from the HMRC on another forum,
"If you are a retailer, you do not need to issue a VAT invoice or receipt unless asked to do so by the buyer. "

I read this as businesses should issue a receipt upon request...

  Hercule Marple 21:18 05 Jan 2010

I always ask for receipt when I buy something in my local Poundland, and I always get one. Gateshead MetroCentre store.

  Forum Editor 00:33 06 Jan 2010

if asked to do so. There's no requirement for one to be issued automatically.

  Quickbeam 06:46 06 Jan 2010

Complain to the VAT inspector at HMRC, then they'll wish Genghis Khan came for tea instead...:O

  johndrew 15:54 06 Jan 2010

I would have thought the major problem would come if you were stopped on leaving the store and accused of having goods not paid for. If the store doesn`t give a receipt you can`t be expected to have one therefore you have difficulty in proving you have paid and the store that you`ve not. Could get quite interesting with accusations and denials flying around.

  Forum Editor 17:25 06 Jan 2010

"Could get quite interesting with accusations and denials flying around."

The fact is, it doesn't, though. Lots of shops don't issue receipts, and if it was a real problem I'm sure we would all know about it by now.

  johndrew 15:37 07 Jan 2010

`The fact is, it doesn't, though.`

As I said `if you were stopped`; there is no certainty any more than the certain `fact` that no accusations or denials could result.

  Tim1964 00:09 08 Jan 2010

I would have thought that a receipt is for the same reason as why things are 99p. It forces the staff to ring up the purchase and therefore have a record of it on the till roll.

If an employee doesn't issue a receipt what's to stop them pocketing the money and bypassing the till altogether.

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