DANZIG 11:28 15 Jul 2009

At work we are having a big clear out. Amongst the various items we are chucking are 3 PC's.

They are REALLY old and I was just wondering what would be useful out of them as the boss has said I can have what I want.

I've already got the RAM sticks out of them (128Mb SDRAM). Got 4 of them, don't know if they'll be of any use.

Managed to snaffle a bizarre looking keyboard and a weird Belkin signal splitter as well.

Anything else you reckon will be of any use?

There are no DVD drives, just old CD drives.

  Armchair 11:32 15 Jul 2009

What CPUs do they have?

  DANZIG 11:34 15 Jul 2009

...err, good question!

I don't know, something tells me they won't be much cop though. Like I said they are REALLY old, but I'll have a look tomorrow if they are still lying around.

  Armchair 11:38 15 Jul 2009

Our local flea market (tries to, anyway!) sells ancient PCs. I think the vendor gets them from the local tip. I had a look at one the other week (I was toying with the idea of getting an old PC and messing about with the hardware configuration, just for the experience), and the exposed connectors on the back of the case were actually rusted.

  DANZIG 11:40 15 Jul 2009

Well theres no rust on these ones, just about an inch of dust.

And a dead spider in one of them.

  jakimo 11:41 15 Jul 2009

The Ram sticks being old type are not likely to be compatible in a modern PC

  DANZIG 11:42 15 Jul 2009

Thought so!

I'll have a looksee later, but it was worth a try.

I believe my desktop has SDRam in it anyway, just these ones I salvaged look massive compared to what I've got

  Autoschediastic 14:26 15 Jul 2009

I'd offer them on Freecycle! there is maybe some people after getting connected & are looking for some free hardware...

  user8 14:31 15 Jul 2009

Put a free ad in micromart & see if anyone wants them?

  Armchair 14:35 15 Jul 2009

I would have started them up and checked out their specification before I did anything else.

  wee eddie 15:39 15 Jul 2009

Certainly, no youngster would be seen dead with one, but you might be able to palm one off on a little old Lady, if you could stand the embarrassment when anyone finds out what you have done.

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