Reality Vs Hollywood,

  wolfie3000 23:25 13 Aug 2007

I expect this has been done before but i just need to rant a bit.

As some may know iv been laid up for a while so iv been watching a few films,

It does bug me that in most films reality doesnt exist,
An example of this is in bond films,

Bond drives his car around killing off the bad guys and the bad guys cars seem to explode at the drop of a hat, while bonds car seemingly can withstand rocket and mortar attacks,

And after dispatching the bad guys he drives up to a s*[email protected]:y hotel with a freshly pressed tuxedo on and his car in show room condition.

Also found a vhs tape of the film The black hole lurking in my cuboard so decided to watch it.

ok one guy gets sucked into space and a robot rescues him with no ill effects, although theres no athnosphere in space,

Plus a huge meteor hits the spaceship and crashes down a corridor barely missing the crew although the meteor is white hot perfectly round lol yet the crew dont burn to a cinder,

Or get sucked into space.

I know these films are pure fantasy but it would be nice from time to time to have a little reality in a film.

Ok rant over.

  Earthsea 01:54 14 Aug 2007

I agree. I'm all for escapism but some films can become so implausible they make my toes curl.

Off the top of my head, that film where a volcano erupts in the middle of an American city and all the heroic emergency services and experts manage to stop a lava flow. Ridiculous!

And that film where the Earth stops spinning and they have to go to the core and blow up a nuclear bomb or something. Utter tripe.

If it was done tongue-in-cheek it wouldn't be so bad but they all take it so seriously!

  v1asco 08:31 14 Aug 2007

do you mean to say Harry Potter can't fly and Superman doesn't exist?

or, even more worrying, there is no such thing as a Hobbitt or Gandalf?

I try to treat every action movie as a fantasy, they would be borimg if to realistic.

However, being a Navigator and seaman it does make my toes curl watching Marine disasters and the like. Especially when lights are being flashed with so called morse code and any poseidon movie.

  Colin 08:32 14 Aug 2007

Not tripe at all. These films are all based on true stories with the names changed to protect the innocent!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:46 14 Aug 2007

Films are not meant to be 'real-lfe', they are purely escapism. real-life films are called documentaries. Over 300 million people watch a Bond, Harry Potter or LOTR film when it is released. Around 3 million watched one of the best documentaries of recent years - The Tower. It doesn't take a genius to work out which type of film people prefer and you don't need to be Irving Fisher to work out which makes the most money for that is what feature films are all about.


  €dstowe 08:49 14 Aug 2007

To enjoy these things you have to suspend your concept of reality for a while.

Some people think that soap opera characters and locations are real - look at the mass outpourings of grief when some character dies, protests to parliament when a character is (unjustly) sent to gaol (Deirdre, was that?) or huge numbers of flowers sent to fictional addresses when a character is ill.

See the disappointment on people's faces when visiting the film sets where these series are made and they see that the Rover's Return or Queen Vic or whatever is just a façade and behind the doors of any and all of the buildings lies fresh air and TV equipment. I know, I've been there but, these same people also expect that the residents of these properties, if they were real, to accept hordes of tourists traipsing through their homes every day.

  Jim Thing 09:28 14 Aug 2007

There's a chap back there who worries that you don't exist.

  Bingalau 10:15 14 Aug 2007

Isn't it called "Escapism"? I always laugh at the space to move about in a submarine. Also at the parachutists leaving an aircraft at two minute intervals, and yet landing within yards of each other. I think some of the more violent films mislead youngsters into thinking that you can be hit over the head with a blunt instrument and get up and carry on as normal. Or you can be shot with a weapon and forget about it ten minutes later. As for the "Rocky" films... Well any normal boxer would be dead and buried after taking punishment like that! This is probably why they try these things in real life, with disastrous consequences. The film and TV industry has a lot to answer for. Mind you I enjoy lots of different types of films. You can't beat a good "Western".

  v1asco 10:35 14 Aug 2007

It's such a relief to know he does exist!

  Totally-braindead 11:20 14 Aug 2007

Its escapism and if the person watching it really believes it reflects real life they are in major need of medical help.

Have you seen the newest Bond film wolfie, its a bit more realistic, at least at the end of a fight hes a bit mussed up, mind you how he can get beaten to a pulp and still look ok the following day stretches the imagination too.

Saving Private Ryan was quite realistic, stomach churningly so when you see the D day landings, and there are a few others, not many I admit.

If it annoys you so much can I suggest you are perhaps a bit more choosy about what you watch. What about the Shawshank Redemption as an example of an excellent film, nothing ridiculous in that.

And of course the Blade films, poor guy must spend a lot of time clearing up after all those vampires but at least we can be comforted by the fact that someone is out there protecting us from the evil vampires. Thats realistic. I believe its a documentary.

OK only joking with the last bit. Honest.

  interzone55 13:48 14 Aug 2007

I was watching the Simpsons Movie the other day, and they sealed in the whole town with a massive glass dome that was about a foot thick.

This dome was carried to Springfield by about a hundred helicopters. This must have been done with CGI, as there's no way they could have had some many helicopters flying so close together without some kind of mishap.

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