Real Live Water Feature

  laurie53 09:05 15 Nov 2007

I was a bit disappointed when my water lily didn't appear this year, and I didn't get any watercress, and thought it might be water condition, particularly when I found a dead frog, but all the tests were OK, so I thought just a bad summer.

Yesterday I went to remove some of the crud on the surface and got quite a nasty belt (two actually, as I didn't believe it the first time and tried again. How stupid can you get with a heart condition?)

Ho Hum. Best I get a low voltage pump!

  Spark6 10:36 15 Nov 2007

No RCD fitted? Should know better!

  laurie53 13:11 15 Nov 2007

I do have an RCD fitted for all my outside power supplies, but it didn't trip on this occasion, don't know why. I've checked it and it seems to be working OK.

  Spark6 13:47 15 Nov 2007

Obviously the leakage current, from the water through you to earth, was less than 30mA or whatever the rating of your RCD is. I would suggest you have your setup checked out or scrapped. The low voltage pump you mentioned seems a good idea!

  amonra 19:52 15 Nov 2007

You shouldn't keep electric eels as pets !

  spuds 19:58 15 Nov 2007

Interesting fact perhaps about 'normal' voltage water feature pumps. I brought this subject up with trading standards regarding the law about consumer goods that must have plugs fitted for electrical appliances under present consumer laws, and the replies were very interesting.

Last year I purchased a water pump for my ponds/garden water feature, and the pump was not supplied with a plug. Taking this up with the garden centre, they stated that water pumps were exempt. Took this up with the local Trading Standards, they made checks, and informed me that the pump should have been supplied with a plug. Back to the garden centre and pointed out what the Trading Standards had stated. Garden centre then contacted the pump manufacturers, who in turn sent a fax explaining the regulations that all garden water pumps must be connected by a qualified and competent person (hence no plug supplied)authorised to do this type of connection.

Back to trading standards to confirm who was right and who was wrong. The local Trading Standards after making further checks, then 'saw the sense in that'!!.

  laurie53 20:12 15 Nov 2007

I did find the fault in the installation, though not in the RCD - the earth wire was disconnected in the plug. The grip screws were loose putting tension on the connections, the earth obviously being the weakest.

  Spark6 23:46 15 Nov 2007

A tip. Whenever you connect a flexible cable to a 13A plug ensure that the live wire is the shortest and the earth wire is the longest. A failure of the 'grip' then means that the first disconnection is the potentially fatal live!

  laurie53 08:49 16 Nov 2007

Thanks for that. Obviously I do have a little knowledge, but that's a new tip to me.

Never too old, or too stubborn, to learn!

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