Real Heros but no honors

  dukeboxhero 12:33 14 Jun 2009

The Queens birthday honors list held no surprises. Yet again the honors go to heroes like Delia Smith ,Christopher Lee, Peter Howson (artist) and of course Anthony Chambers, who i hear you say ? yes that hero who looks after the pipes and heating at Windsor Castle.
So what happened to our real heroes? Well France honored them Henry Allingham and Harry Patch both world war one veterans were appointed The Legion D Honneur .So the next time theres a War heres hoping Delia will be lobbing her bread puddings at the enemy.
Its a farce

  Forum Editor 12:55 14 Jun 2009

You seem to be a tad confused.

The honours system is intended to reward those who have served their country or community or profession in a civil capacity, it's not anything to do with the recipients being 'heroes' as you put it, and nobody has ever suggested otherwise.

Military awards are for those who distinguish themselves in the course of their military service in some way.

  WhiteTruckMan 12:58 14 Jun 2009

to your local mp asking for an explanation. To be sure it reaches him or her and is actually read, mark the envelope -confidential, expenses enclosed-


  Mr Mistoffelees 13:01 14 Jun 2009

Every year people whinge about the honours list......


  dukeboxhero 13:20 14 Jun 2009

Explanation exepted Fe , and sorry for boring you Mr Mistoffelees

  Forum Editor 13:27 14 Jun 2009

who have received MBEs over the past couple of years, and both of them say that before they got their award they were not much in favour of the system.

Both of them have the character to admit that since they went to Buckingham Palace they have changed their opinion somewhat. It's nice to have any kind of service recognised, even if it is by way of an anachronism.

  dukeboxhero 13:30 14 Jun 2009

Accepted that should have read

  johndrew 16:10 14 Jun 2009

`Military awards are for those who distinguish themselves in the course of their military service in some way.`

Ah, so that means that senior officers in the armed forces shouldn`t get knighthoods?

Yet again I disagree with what you say. Members of the armed forces do serve their country and are given civil honours for doing so - in some rare cases even the George Cross.

The `gongs` they get reflect either where, for how long or distinguished service in a particular theatre. Other medals, such as MBEs are also awarded to those in the armed forces; often for extra curricula activities.

As for being `heroes`, most if not all service personnel serve because they believe in this country and have the guts to put their money where their mouths are. Perhaps we would all live in a better society if there were more `citizens` of this country prepared to do the same.

  spuds 16:38 14 Jun 2009

Peddling a bike round a race track, or rowing a boat might be some spectators idea of great public achievement. But in my personal opinion, their are far more people who deserve far more recognition and rewards for their daily achievements. Take carers for an example, they save the tax payers literally millions over the years.

Its a bit like using the title of lord or sir, then dropping it when it doesn't suit the purpose!.

Reading the newspapers, it would appear that Bruce Forsyth as another year (2010) to wait before his knighthood. But looking that he is still employed by the BBC, then that in itself could perhaps be looked as a rewarding achievement ;o)

  wiz-king 16:59 14 Jun 2009

If you read the full list of those who get 'gongs' you will see that most of them are 'unknowns', usually people that have done a lifetime of public service. Their achievement may make their local newspaper but rarely get a mention in the red-tops.

  bremner 17:34 14 Jun 2009

Am I the only person astonished and disgusted by the fact that

President, His Most Regal and Royal Excellency, Lord Sir Peter, Archbishop of Canterbury, Mandelson, VC MM MC DSO Blue Peter Gold Badge has been overlooked in the honours list?

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