Reading the tea leaves - +++-?

  Diemmess 18:26 06 Jan 2011

Surprised that the fortune tellers don't seem to be making guesses at where computers are going in 2011.

One thing that seems to be low key is the SSD storage method instead of HDs that whizz around for a good life but simply must fail sooner or later when the excellent machinery has had enough.

I utter this out of ignorance, but assume it is only a matter of time before the conventional HD is confined like Floppy drives to oblivion.

  Strawballs 18:45 06 Jan 2011

They will go eventually but at the moment they are very expensive for the capacities that you can get them in, Also people have got used to having at least 320gig (and that is small now) which you can't get in SSD and if you could the price would be prohibitive.

  uk-wizard 19:02 06 Jan 2011

I thought you meant click here

  lucky1 19:05 06 Jan 2011

I'll get my wife onto it the next time she does a reading. She's the undisputed tea leave reading champion of Bo'ness!!

  Diemmess 19:53 06 Jan 2011

Not many years since 40Gb HDs were as expensive as SSD drives now.
Printers, monitors both, offer more for the same price.

  john bunyan 20:00 06 Jan 2011

For those of us who like to have OS and programmes on one partition or drive and data on another, for a desktop PC I think a SSD of say 100 Gig for OS plus a (say) 500gig SATA is a way to go. If I did this I would have a third drive to back up.

  peter99co 20:01 06 Jan 2011
  interzone55 09:27 07 Jan 2011

Intel have just announced SSD drives up to 256gb in mini-SATA format for netbooks, but they'll still be more expensive than traditional mechanical hard drives for some time.

Prices will be driven down as manufacturing capacity is ramped up, but beware, cheaper drives have multi-level chips which are both slower than single level chips, and have the potential to wear out faster...

  jack O'lantern 11:01 07 Jan 2011

Before uncle Bill came on the scene with Macrosoft.

I used to messaround with Atri ST and TT machines and Amiga which had[for the time] a full WIMP O/S
- a precursor to Windows]on 2/4[depending on version] 250 KB ROMs and extremely quick they were two- so I guess- What goes round can come around - eventually.

  interzone55 12:38 07 Jan 2011

I'm fairly sure the Amigo OS was loaded from a floppy disk at boot, at least the GUI anyway.

The trouble with having your OS in ROM is that it becomes next to impossible to change it without swapping out the ROM chips, and as I'm sure you're all aware, the OS is changing all the time, pretty much every time you boot up...

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